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Waterfalls are among the most exquisite and beautiful wonders of nature. Bellow you can see 10 waterfalls from all around the world  that are really awesome.The beauty of these waterfalls is so immense that you can’t take out from them. See it bellow and enjoy!

10. Glenbrittle


A series of clear, cold pools and waterfalls formed as Allt Coir’ a’ Mhadaidh tumbles down from the foothills of the Black Cuillins into Glen Brittle.

9. Milford


Fjordland of New Zealand. Lord of the Rings territory, where mighty waterfalls are meeting the calm water of the fjords. It is hard to believe, that this one represented on the picture is four times the size of Niagara Falls.

8. Grand Falls in Golden Light

Grand Falls in Golden Light

7. Elowah’s Beauty

Elowah’s Beauty

The Pacific Northwest has many spectacular waterfalls, but to us, Elowah is the queen of them all; so elegant and graceful. Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

6. Mossbrae Falls

Mossbrae Falls

Mossbrae Falls is one of the more scenic waterfalls in California

5. The waterfall

The waterfall

This waterfall is exactly on the border between China and Vietnam, half is in China half in Vietnam.

4. Plitvice waterfalls

Plitvice waterfalls

3. Four Mile beach, Santa Cruz CA

Four Mile beach, Santa Cruz CA

2. Skogafoss


1. Seljalandsfoss


Seljalandsfoss is one of Icelands most beautiful waterfalls. It´s not the highest or mightiest but the fact that you can walk behind it makes it special.