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We want one thing common: being more attractive. But the purpose for being attractive varies. What’s yours? Well, you needn’t share! To strike your attractive physique, maintain these tips and you will be surprised seeing how magically they work!

10. Body Language


Your body language is important. If you look busy in your body language, people are likely to avoid you. They will think that you don’t want to be disturbed. But if you are easy and relaxed, people will feel comfortable to approach you.

9. Maintain Facial Hair


It is important to take care of facial hair.Men should shave regularly. If you want to maintain long beard, you should keep that neat and trim. Women should shape eyebrows properly.

8. Keep Hair Tip-top


Your hair is just like your crown! So take care of it. A nice look is the first step to attract someone. Get regular haircuts as it is important for your hair to be healthy. Keep your hair clean and tidy. It is really important for attractive appearance.

7. Wear Fit Clothes


Your dress is really important. People like one who is dressed properly. So, take care of what you are wearing. Buy the clothes that fit you properly. Oversized or too tight clothes make you look odd.

6. Maintain Proper Eye Contact


Proper eye contact is important when you are talking to someone. If you maintain eye contact properly, people will feel important and be happy. Some people feel shy to maintain eye contact. That’s not a big problem. Start with your close ones. Maintain proper eye contact while talking to them. Then, try it with strangers.

5. Walk Confidently

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Be confident while walking. Do you know how to walk with confidence? Keeping your body relaxed and holding eyes and head up help you look confident. Making you look confident is a great part of being attractive.

4. Smell Nice


No one likes one who smells bad. All your efforts to make yourself attractive can end in smoke if you smell bad. So be careful about this fact. Take shower every day and use deodorant regularly. Brush your teeth properly. You may use medication to get rid of bad breath.

3. Be Relaxed


Are you seared all the time thinking what others are thinking of you? If yes, you should fight to kick away this habit. Be confident and open yourself to others. Communicate with them and be easy. Nervousness isn’t liked. So, be confident and relaxed while dealing with people.

2. Ask Questions

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Don’t try to speak about you all the time. While gossiping with someone ask questions. But don’t ask anything inappropriate. When you ask questions, people think that you are interested to know about them and they feel important.

1. Keep Smile


Keep a smile on your face. When you smile, you look more friendly and approachable. People feel comfort to deal with you. No matter what your are feeling inside, smile!