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Medical assistance is the fastest growing career in the United States. Medical assistants have two roles in their work. They can act as administration officers and also help in clinical fields.

Administrative Roles

  1. In administrative roles, the medical assistants are given a wide variety of duties to be carried on. Answering hospital calls is one of the roles given to them. Therefore the medical assistant should have adequate knowledge of the hospital premises. They are also given the roles of greeting and welcoming the patients into the hospital showing them the directions to follow.
  2. Medical assistants are also given the role of showing the patients different rooms of treatment depending on their illness
  3. The medical assistants also schedule for the meetings for the physicians and also arrange the appointment dates for the patients to see the physicians. These medical assistants that are given the administrative roles act like the personal assistants of the physicians.
  4. Medical assistants also update patients’ information on the hospital database. They are therefore taught some computer skills hence applying some of the computer applications. Some of the records that may be recorded include the patient’s medical history.
  5. Assistants also handle the payments that are made by the patients. There are different kinds of payments that are used in hospitals. Some patients may opt to use their insurance forms, others may use their credit cards while others may pay using cash. The medical assistants should therefore be trained on all these modes of payment for a smooth operation.

Clinical Roles

  1. The medical assistants that are assigned with the clinical role help in recording medical reports of the patients. These reports are used by the physicians to determine the kind of disease that the patient is suffering from. This is an easy way to communicate with the patients.
  2. They also prepare the laboratory tests for the patients. This is whereby the medical assistant ensures that there are enough specimens to be used by the physician to carry out a laboratory test. They are also given the role of carrying out basic laboratory test.
  3. The medical assistants also explain treatment procedures to the patients and advise them on the special diets that will speed up their recovery. They also administer medications as directed by the physician while advising the patient on the special instructions to be observed while taking the medication.
  4. The medical assistants are also given the role of drawing blood from the donors that may want to donate their blood to the hospital. The can also help in taking blood samples from the patients for examination.
  5. They also measure blood pressure, weight and height of the patient.

Medical assistant schools

Medical schools have been established in the United States that teach on medical assistant roles and responsibilities. According to more on medical assistant schools by medical assistant resources, for one to qualify to become a medical assistant, they should pass the exam set and have basic skills and knowledge.

To qualify to join a medical assistant school does not require any prior training or education. Some laws governing the country do not require any certification for one to work as a medical assistant. But in some states, the New Jersey, certification is required.