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What’s the best and most delicious way to get fruits and vegetables into one compact and very tasty drink? You guessed it—the smoothie. Here are 15 smoothies that will make you happier and healthier!

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15. Strawberry Coconut Smoothie


14. Rise & Shine Clementine Cashew Smoothie


Cashews add a little bit of creaminess to the bright clementines. 

13. Blackberry Green Smoothie


Life lesson: Just because you can’t SEE the green doesn’t mean it isn’t working its healthy magic on you.

12. 3-Ingredient Fruit & Yogurt Smoothie


The beauty of smoothies is that they never have to be complicated to be delicious.

11. Orange Oat Smoothie


Ground oats add protein and substance to a smoothie, so it will actually keep you full for a while.

10. Cherry Limeade Smoothie


Use frozen cherries and peaches if the fresh kind aren’t showing up where you live yet.

9. Peach Melba Sunrise S9moothie


With raspberries, almond milk, and citrus. So pretty! 

8. Superfood Power Smoothie


A layered creation including strawberries, spinach, and flax.

7. Coconut Citrus Sunshine Smoothie


Coconut yogurt makes a nice change from the cow kind.

6. Raw Banana Bread Shake


If DIYing your own walnut milk is too involved for you, feel free to swap in almond milk instead.

5. Strawberry Banana-Mango Lava Flow Smoothie


If this doesn’t get your juices ~flowing~ I don’t know what will.

4. Peanut Butter Kale Smoothie


Simple, delicious, and definitely good for you.

3. Beet Berry Smoothie


A great way to use up the last of your root vegetables. 

2. Summer In A Cup Smoothie


The magic of frozen raspberries means you can drink summer while there’s still snow on the ground.

1. Spring Detox Green Smoothie


This rejuvenating beauty is packed green tea, cilantro, kale, cucumber, pineapple, lemon, ginger, and avocado.

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