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Below are 22 gadgets Cydia has launched and updated. The function of these gadgets are to help you own your equipment and there are some more features for daily applications. You can find on Cydia, only for iOS phone has been jailbroken.

22 -new-Cydia-gadgets-worth-trying
  1. CarPlay Activator – Experiencing with Carplay feature right on iPhone/iPad
  2. AlipayBioEnabler – Allowing paying through Touch ID on Alipay (free)
  3. Car Tracker – Marking the parking location of your car (free)
  4. BurstGif – Joining Burst images to moving picture ($1.49)
  5. Clone Alarm – Helping you to set up a plenty of ringtones without setting up one by one ($0.99)
  6. CustomMessages – Customing many different elements in Message application ($1.99)
  7. Diclose – Sliding to close dictionary page after finding a word (free)
  8. DIM – Allowing you to make the screen darker than default (free)
  9. DoubleCut – Allowing you to add an email address by double-pressing “@” button
  10. Dye – Changing color for some parts of system interface (free)
  11. Facebook++ – Supporting many gadgets for Facebook application (free)
  12. Mail Labeler – Highlighting email relies on email address (free/$0.99)
  13. NoAudioRecorder – Removing Record button from Message application (free)
  14. NoBarScreen – Screenshotting without status bar (free)
  15. NoIconDot 8 – Removing dotmark using to mark applications has just installed (free)
  16. PM, really? – Ensuring not to set up wrong alarm time (free)
  17. Power Informer – Displaying battery notice relies on your batterylevel customization (free)
  18. Wake Info 2 – Equipment will automatically notify by speeching different informations such as date and time after you turn off alarm ringtone
  19. WakeTrace – Allowing you to follow sleeping habit and sync it with Health health application ($1.99)
  20. FullForce – Forcing applicatinons display fullscreen on iPad (free)
  21. NoSlowAnimation – Increasing moving animation speed in iOS 7 and 8
  22. Printify – Saving your document that you want them as a file and you can send it through Google Cloud Print and more ($1.99)