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Google has been working on self-driving cars for awhile now and the project has officially come true. Last week, Google officially became a car company. But have you ever tried to explore what is the difference between a normal automobile car and this self-driving car? Let’s Toplisttips shows you the 3 points that Google car has while the other do not.

self-driving Google car

3. The Google Car uses the software platform

The modern automobile is actually a rolling computer. As you know the computer today can uses various types of networks in different situations including Wifi, 3G, 4G and Bluetooth.  When automotive computing becomes a facet of personal computing, you can expect those standards to carry over. Google Self-driving Car could achieve speeds of over 100 mph and bristle with sensors, negotiate with traffic lights, talk to each other about safety conditions, join into train-like platoons, and become members of intelligent urban transit networks. Moreover, software needs updating constantly and Google could definitely fit this requirement so you don’t have to worry whether it is out of date or not.

2. The Google Car eliminates driver control

Google has a different mind set which eliminates driver control altogether rather than slowly adding autonomous capabilities over time. Google’s self-driving cars have driven more than a half million miles – so far with no accidents while the cars were under computer control.  It is believed that letting computer do all the work is safer than switching back and forth between a computer driver and half-attentive human driver. Google estimated that the technology will significantly help to decrease the number of people died in car accidents, currently 1.2 million people per year worldwide.

1. The Google Car does not need to go fast

The Googlemobile isn’t designed to operate at high speeds — its tops out at 25 mph — which allows for a simple design. One assumes that as the technology advances, the car will go faster, need to be bigger, and so on. But actually, the Google model of autonomous vehicles predicts a relatively low-speed world of mobility. The Moon Shot is the self-driving artificially intelligence to be able to deal with complex urban environments, where cars generally poke along at 25-50 mph. But there’s no good reason for cars to be capable of highway speeds well in excess of speed limits. If self-driving cars could maintain steady highways speeds of around 60 mph and avoid traffic snarls, they might be able to improve travel times.

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