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India is like a storybook, full of strange and wonderful stories. Here, Toplisttips introduce you 5 extremely weird rituals in this country. You may not believe but they actually exist. Let’s see:

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5. Self-flagellation

Weird Rituals in India

Muharram is the first month in the Islamic Calendar, and this was the month which marks the anniversary of the Battle of Karbala, when Imam Hussein ibn Ali was killed, followed by 72 warriors who were killed over the next ten days. Shi’a Muslims in India, and also other countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh, mourn this event by flogging their naked bodies with a bunch of chains known as ‘Matam’. Sometimes, these Matams also contain razor blades or knives.

4. Baby Tossing

Weird Rituals in India

Every year in the month of December, more than a hundred babies are tossed from a temple roof into a crowd below. They plummet 200 feet, to where a group of men stand waiting with a cloth meant to catch them. The reason? Married couples – looking to be blessed with, perhaps ironically, more babies – take part in this event. It is also said to bring good health and luck to the family. The Indian government is looking to set a ban on the jaw-dropping ritual, which takes place in the southern state of Karnataka.

3. Female Infanticide

Weird Rituals in India

This social evil exists not only in India, but also in many other parts of the world whose populations see male children as more desirable than female children. Preference for a male child can be so extreme that female infants might be killed, or set afloat in the river.

2. Hooking

Weird Rituals in India

There is another bizarre Festival named “Thookam Festival “celebrated in South India in which Hindu Devotees pierced their body from sharp hooks from Back lifted on scaffold using ropes. This Ritual is Performed to Please Goddess Kali in South Indian part Specially in South Kerala. Some Death and injury accidents are reported in this rituals but It is Performed Still Yet.

1. Tongue Piercing

Weird Rituals in India

Not studs, but long and sharp needles are used to puncture the tongue. The needles – usually made from wood or steel – can be so long that the tongue is forced to stick out of the mouth permanently, unable to retract. The piercing is common a number of religious festivals. In some regions, young boys and sometimes girls take part in the ritual piercing. The ones who are going to pierce their tongues wear a garland around their necks for a day before the ceremony. The piercing ceremony is usually followed by dancing and merrymaking. These practices are also seen in countries other than India, in southern parts of Asia.