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Either you are students, office staffs, or entrepreneurs, etc., there are goals that you want to reach in your life. However, there are also times when you find yourself drowned in constraints, or you are just too busy with many other stuffs. Then you lose sight of your goals, starting to wonder what makes you unsuccessful, what unfocus you, distract you. Whenever you are in this state, these following 5 questions will help you to turn back to the right track. Try to find their fine answers and your mind will stay to the focal point.

 5. Is that possible I will complete these goals?


In other words, it means: “Are these goals practical and achievable?”. Because sometimes you accidentally set the goals which is so difficult that not everyone, who even have the means and time to implement, is able to reach. If you still find your goals attainable, what you need to do is to divide your goals into smaller, realistic parts. And these sub-goals must be done in a reasonable time frame. Often will you only achieve greater goals when you have small goals achieved.

 4. Am I confident in myself?



It is said that only those who believe in themselves can take great success. So do you. To trust your ability is sometimes the best step that you can take to move closer towards your objectives. To suspect yourself is seemed to be a disaster and the the biggest obstacle one have to overcome in order to be successful. May you lose focus on your goals because you have not overcome your skepticism?

 3. Did I have a particular plan?


Yes, there are moments when you know exactly what you want, but you just can figure out how to get it. You may ask yourself questions like: “Do I need a professional training or special art to be able to achieve that goal? Or I just need a higher level of education?” The right question here is “Do you have a plan for what to do to accomplish your goals?” This plan should contain everything: steps to take, who to contact, what material to read, which skills to master, etc. So take your time to sit and jot down all the things you think you need on a page, then arrange them to form a “plan” of your own. It is even better to if you can split them into “smaller – realistic” steps and complete them first.

 2. Are you pursuing too many targets?


Occasionally, you should put all your effort into an objective rather than paying attention to so many goals at the same time. First, if it is literally longer to get many things done at once than to have one objective completed at a time. Overall, it would become a hinder to your achievement progress. Another reason is that you are not able to use all of your energy, mind and intelligence on one target. The most threatened thing is that you see yourself running around trying to attain this goal to one another, and finally find out you have not completed anything. The advice here is to keep your goals in order of priority and start with the highest priority or best practice. By this way, you will notice what you have done and achieved.

 1. Am I type of one that easily give up?


Besides asking for confidence, you should also identify your perseverance. It is expected that you will fail many times in your adventure towards your success, and you still keep your dertermination. Persistence and patience are the keys to achieving goals and ultimate success. Keep in mind that there are rare people achieve goals and succeed right from the very first attempt. Others, like you, need to gradually build their confidence, persistence and patience, so that one day, they can try the taste of triumph.

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