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The sun is an awesome thing and a certain amount of exposure to it can be beneficial. However, the sun can also cause incredible damage to people’s skin, which has to be taken into consideration. Information is your best weapon against suffering from damage from the sun. Have respect for the powerful nature of the sun and its rays and act accordingly. These are the five most important reasons to stay out of the sun if possible.

1. Sunburn

If you’ve ever suffered from sunburn, you may underestimate just how painful this condition can really be. If you aren’t careful about how much sun you get during any session, you could quickly learn to regret this decision. Sunburnt skin not only hurts, it also peels off and looks absolutely horrible.

2. Skin Cancer

The most worrisome trouble that exposure to the sun can cause is skin cancer. There are three major types of skin cancer with the most severe being melanoma. If melanoma is not caught at an early enough stage it can easily turn deadly. Skin cancer rates are skyrocketing in the western world. The only thing that can save someone once they already have developed skin cancer is a fast diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Prevention is always stressed because it is much easier to do than the dealing with the cure.

3. Collagen and Elastin Damage

Elastin and collagen can both be damaged by the sun. When they are, the ability of the skin to bounce back diminishes. For those who are worried about the impact of aging, collagen and elastin damage can result directly in more wrinkles and older looking skin. You can always try this serum to help repair and restore your skin for a healthier look.

4. Leather Skin

You’ve probably seen this damage on a sun lover you know well. Too much exposure to the sun can eventually turn someone’s skin into leather. You can see the sun’s effects in their deep lines and tough skin. There’s really only one way to avoid this effect and that’s to protect yourself with sunscreen or by limiting your time spent fully exposed to the sun.

5. Blemishes and Sun Spots

These unsightly spots come from the sun and prolonged exposure to it. These are skin spots that are classically associated with aging. If you’re wishing to look younger, you’ll want to avoid unneeded sun spots and blemishes. Protecting your skin from the harmful effects of overexposure to the sun is the surest way around to avoid this condition.

Even if you do everything right, there’s still no guarantee that you’ll be able to avoid these issues. That said,  it never pays to stack the odds against yourself. You can also try this serum to protect your skin and to enjoy its strong anti-aging properties.  You can also consider the benefits of exercising and eating well. These two factors, although not specifically tied to skin health, help your body function at an optimal level. If you’re willing to take as many of the correct steps as possible to avoid negative repercussions from too much sun, you are likely to enjoy great results. Most people do very little to protect themselves from the damage and they end up suffering mightily from their decision.