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If we are using Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones, here are some tips for assisting us to use our devices in a better way.

5. Uploading files and folders in Internet Explorer

Instead of uploading only photos or pictures, Internet Explorer enables us upload files (documents, images,…) via File Picker


4. Speed dialing

When we use calling apps, we can see new title “Speed Dial” and we can easily add new contacts who we usually call in Speed Dial

3. Setting font size in Reader Mode (Internet Explorer)

Internet Explorer has just been added new mode named Reader Mode. Particularly, when we are browsing in this mode, we can read the contents of the websites without advertisement,… and we can set font sizes easily by following steps:
1. Run “Internet Explorer”
2. Hit three dots “…” icon to the right of the screen
3. Hit “Settings > Advanced Settings”
4. Find “Reading view font size”
5. Pull the slider to increase or decrease font size
6. Done, hit “Back”

2. Managing files and folders

Windows Phone 8.1 allows us to manage our files and folders by using an app “Files”, you can download it from Windows Phone Store:

1. Closing running apps or programs.

For most of Windows Phones 8.1 user, we all know how to close running apps and programs, however there is another way to quickly close apps or programs by pressing and holding the “Back”  button, swiping our finger from the top to the bottom of the screen.

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