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With the computer, the Internet and your skill you can think about making money online. Believe or not, many people have received more and more money from the Internet by selling their content, products… etc. And if you want to success in the online world, you will do it right now.

In the article, you will find a variety of ways to make money online as well as general advice for everybody who wants to make money online in the online world.

5 ways to make money online.

5. Become a blogger.

Become a Blogger

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If you have any ideas you want to share with everybody, or you have knowledge for something you should become a blogger. If you are a blogger, you can share your ideals with everybody and you can find some person have a same hobby with you.
Then you have more viewer, you can place ads and receive money. We have more ads service for publisher, such as: Google Ads, Infolinks, Clicksor, Bidvertiser, VigLink…

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4. Sell your digital content.

Sell your digital content

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If you are creative, you can sell your digital content on the online market. We can sell anything: graphics, music, ebooks, articles….

Envato is biggest online market, you can sell anything with Envato. Example: If you are an artist you can sell your music on AudioJungle, if you are an photographer you can sell your photos on PhotoDune and If you are Designer, you can your products on ThemeForest, GraphicRiver…

Envato is ecosystem of sites includes a digital marketplace, an educational platform and a freelance network. These services help millions of people around the world get creative, earn an income online, and learn new skills. You can explore Envato here.

And, this is the list online market like as Envato, you might also like:

Graphic Leftovers – Sell icon, illustrations, templates, logo..
iStockphoto – Sell photos, illustrations, flash, video…
Vectorstock – Sell vector stock images.
Shutterstock – Sell photos.
MyFonts – Sell your font.
WP Theme Market – Design and sell WordPress Theme.
Templamatic – Upload and sell your own website template.
Css Templates Web – Sell css code. – Sell font.
Gumroad – Sell eBooks, videos, photographs and software.
FetchApp – Sell eBooks, music, digital artworks.
Intubus – Sell Movies, music, photography and artwork.

3. Sell your products.

Make Money Online

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With a Website, you can sell your products, like as: pants, hats, craft, wine or anything you can imagine. You can find a customer from Google Search, or you can find work in the online classifieds. I think we sell your products on online market or online classifieds is a good idea, because they can promote your products with their customer and we can receive money when we share profits with them.

Create a website showcasing your portfolio is so good. Though, it takes more times, but you won’t share your profits with anybody, and you can set your own prices.

2. Affiliate Marketing.

Become an affiliate marketer. This is another way to make money online for promoting someone else’s products or services without having to carry any inventory. It is the good idea if you have a website/blog for products you want to promotion and receive a commission.

If necessary, you can also become an affiliate marketer without a website. Because you can post videos on Youtube containing links to products.

If you have strong content for some products, you can rent it. Every time someone on your website makes a purchase with your affiliate company. And contrary, you can hire somebody have a strong content, with a contract, you can place your banes or your link affiliate their content.

1. Become a freelancer.


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Are you hearing about Freelancer? If you have got the skills, you have got the jobs. You can find a job on Freelancer marketplaces. The marketplace where is a trade system about a job, you can hire anybody or contrary.

Like as Sell your products, you can create a website or blog, showcasing your portfolio or you can find work in the marketplace.

This is list Freelancer marketplaces online for freelancer you should know:

1. Odesk – – general
2. – general
3. – general
4. Envato Studio – general
5. – design
6. – programming, design, administrative tasks, accounting, PR
7. – writing/editing, production, graphic design, publishing. NOT FREE FOR FREELANCERS: membership fees.
8. – general
9. – SEO
10. – translation, interpreting
11. – design
12. – programming/development, graphic design, data science
13. – logo design, naming design, graphic design, web design
14. – house cleaning, IKEA assembly, donation pickup, event help, office help, pet sitting
15. – online marketing, e-commerce, media, information and directory services, SEO content, translation, web research, data categorization and tagging.

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