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Modern lifeGetting tired and distressed? These 6 following advices give you a hand in effectively relieving stress.

6. Do not take on too much salt

Advices to Help Relieve Your Stress


Basically, eating salty foods results in obesity by making your body hold water. Besides, high level of sodium in body also leads to blood preasure. It all brings bad effects to your health and consequently making you stressed. So reduce your salty intake by choosing fresh food instead of processed or canned food.

5. Fitness by climbing stairs

Advices to Help Relieve Your Stress


People tend to smoke or take a cup of coffee when they feel stressed, so that they can retrieve balance. However, scientists show that 10 minutes of execirse not only helps you relieve stress but also promotes your mental health. So a walk outside or just climbing up your working place’s stairs is good way of reducing stress.

4. Avoid sweet when being stressed


Advices to Help Relieve Your Stress

It is said that sugar foods are really helpful in the fight against stress. Eating sweet stuffs such as pastry or candy is a proved measure to make people get away from the tension. However, it makes people feel sluggish and discomfortable. So if all you need is sugar to get rid of the stress, try some sweet fruits like apple instead.

3. Take a real deep sleep


Advices to Help Relieve Your Stress

Experts in health believe that a sleep of 7-8 hours/ day will give back the sufficient energy you need for a whole new day, thus, reducing the stress threat. So stay away from café after noon time and avoid exercising 2 hours before bed time if you have insomnia. Furthermore, to place TV, PC and other entertainment devices outside of your bedrooms would be another idea for your good sleep.

2. Refresh yourself


Advices to Help Relieve Your Stress

Habitual actions may push you to the edge. So try to refresh yourself, by either changing your hair styles, commute with a new route, or try things and food stuffs you have never tried before. These little changes eventually provide you with a better perspective towards life, or at least, make you too busy exploring your beautiful life, so that stress will no longer be your worry.

1. Visit your doctors periodically


Advices to Help Relieve Your Stress

Let’s forget about the thought of only visiting your doctors when you have already get sick. To have a periodical health screening for every 6 to 12 months is essential for your health, both physically and mentally. In the end, your doctors is the one that you can share your conditions and get beneficial advices, including those to getting rid of your stress.

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