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Phu Quoc is the biggest island in Vietnam, located in the southern province of Kien Giang, Vietnam. Known as “one of the top 5 hidden beaches of the world”, the island is becoming a prospective destination hunted by tourists from all over the world. Phu Quoc Island features a monsoon tropical climate with two seasons, the rainy season from May to October and the dried season from November to April which is the most suitable period to visit Phu Quoc Island. Here, we provide you 6 reasons that you could not miss this place for your vacation. Start to check out Phu Quoc immediately before everyone else discover this hidden gem.

6. Raw and unspoiled nature

Phu Quoc Island has rich tourism resource with 40 large and small islands, 99 mountain offers a pristine beauty, long and beautiful coastline,the diversity of tropical forest ecology, steeped in cultural history. Being known as a Vietnam’s Pearl Island, Phu Quoc is an impressive destination for those who are interested in a beach vacation and an unspoiled nature. According to Mr. Seth D. Wennick, US Consul General in Ho Chi Minh City: “Phu Quoc is a wonderful place, unspoiled by man, therefore, suitable for the development of eco-tourism”.  In Phu Quoc Island, there are many ecotourism tours, especially tours to few-inhabitant islands to enjoy beautiful beaches, sightseeing, traditional festivals, etc. Therefore, coming to this place, tourists have many chances to experience natural beauty which is not yet overrun by the development.

Phu Quoc Island- Vietnam

5. Beautiful beaches

There are so many wild idyllic beaches on Phu Quoc Island that you will find amongst them a good selection on which to enjoy your holiday. While they all pretty much have white sands, calm seas and warm waters, there are also lots of variations to choose from. We would like to introduce you some of the beautiful wild beaches at Phu Quoc:

–  Long beach the most popular beach located on the west side of the island lies the main beach. The beach on this side of the island is more than 5 miles long with some places totally deserted with no hotels or resorts. Close to the town center and the nicest place to watch the sunset.

Phu Quoc Island- Vietnam

–  Thom beach is in the North of the island. Located on the far north east of Phu Quoc Island approximately 35kms from Duong Dong you will be find a long stretch of uninhabited beach. This beach is quite sparse and remote make it an ideal place for adventurous people.

Phu Quoc Island- Vietnam

–  Sao beach is located on the south east coast has the whitest sand on Phu Quoc Island. The small bay is sheltered, almost guaranteeing calm sea conditions. Whether you rent a mask and snorkel to hit the water or paddle your way in a kayak, this beach is one of the best. The water here is also so transparent that you can see through to the bottom of the sea floor. And the sand is all white and soft here. Just fabulous! In Vietnamese, “Sao” means star, and here is the reason why: so many starfish can be seen.

Phu Quoc Island- Vietnam


Phu Quoc Island- Vietnam

4. Easy access

While Phu Quoc Island remains a laid-back vacation spot, its new airport is all about speed and efficiency. Opened in December 2012, Phu Quoc International Airport now serves more passengers and bigger planes on a daily basis. Foreseeing the development of Phu Quoc Tourism, Phu Quoc has been exploited by many airlines not only from domestic airports (Noi Bai and Tan Son Nhat Airports)but also from international airports. Currently, there are newly- launch flights between Phu Quoc and Singapore airports. It is expected that 2 new flight routes will be open soon from Siem Reap and from Russia. Therefore, international tourists coming to Vietnam will easily access to Phu Quoc Island by transiting or flight straightly from those airports. Besides, you can get into Phu Quoc Island by sea road.

3. Visa exemption in 30 days

International travelers will enjoy a 30 day no visa stay in popular tourist destination Phu Quoc Island under a new government decision that takes effect on March 10, 2014. Accordingly, foreigners or Vietnamese holding foreign passports who visit Phu Quoc Island will enjoy exemption for entry, exit, and transit visas up to 30 days. Visa exemption is also applicable to those foreigners, who are in transit at an international border gate in Vietnam (including by air or by sea) to Phu Quoc Island. How could be more  exciting than travelling to a foreign destination without spending time and money for visa procedure?

Phu Quoc Island- Vietnam

2. Fresh Seafood

The food on Phu Quoc Island is heavily influenced by the bountiful harvest of fresh seafood, herbs and vegetable – it is fresh, simple yet utterly deliciously refreshing. When you travel on the beach, you can enjoy seafood from fishing boats which are ever present. Besides, the most astounding variety is available at the night market in the main town of Duong Dong. An absolutely overwhelming selection of glistening fresh scallops in their shells, monstrous langoustines, and every variety of fish is available to be cooked on open grills. Tasting a wide variety of fresh seafood types in one place with unbeatable atmosphere and quality. What’s a wonderful destination, right?

Phu Quoc Island- Vietnam

Duong Dong Seafood market

1. Affordable accommodation

From thatched bungalows to fancy resorts, Phu Quoc Island has it all. Almost all guest houses, hotels and resorts are much closed to the beach with affordable prices so you can choose any types of accommodation based on the budget. Keep in mind that rooms fill up quickly during the peak travel months. Be sure to book early to have reasonable accommodation and enjoy your trip at Phu Quoc Island.

Phu Quoc Island- Vietnam

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