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For beginners who wish to learn to play piano, there are a few items that they need to learn especially when it comes to finding the best piano to use. There are several piano types as well as different manufacturers that would make it impossible to choose.

However, among all piano types, digital pianos are the best choice for piano players not just for beginners. Why do you think this is? Digital pianos have the same number of keys like the real pianos, but they are lighter and won’t take up too much space in your place. One thing also with digital piano, they don’t need any tuning because they are electronic.

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So knowing what type of piano to use for starting players, the task now is how to find the best digital piano especially for the beginners.

Basics in Finding the Right Digital Piano for You

Key Action: With real pianos, there is a certain resistance from the key when you press it and requires a certain pressure to get the right sound to come out right. The keys have a touch sensitivity – when you push the key harder, the louder the sound is produced.

Finding the best digital piano should have a weighted action. Such weighted action is classified into 3 types:

  • Weighted
  • Semi-weighted
  • Graded hammer

With semi-weighted action, this is a more lightweight and the sound produced is a cross between a piano and a cheap keyboard. As for the weighted action, they are more like a real piano when they produce a sound. As for the graded hammer action, this is the closest that you can find to sound like an acoustic piano.

Digital pianos come in different weighted actions.

Sound Quality: Did you know that all digital pianos are not manufactured equal when it comes to sound quality? The price of a digital piano also depends on the sound quality it produces.

Design: When thinking about the type of design you want for your digital piano, remember that they come in 3 different styles such as the slab, console and stage.

Slab designs as well as stage pianos have similar shapes with just the standard keyboard with a few more inches in thickness and a control surface that is behind the keys. However, what separates the two is that the slab has built-in speakers while the stage pianos require an amplifier. As for the console, this is more of a typical or traditional upright piano. Most of these console types come in two or three pedals just like a traditional piano.

So if you are a beginner and are contemplating on the type of piano – well, a digital piano for this matter, here are things you need to consider:

  1. Price
  2. Weight
  3. Customer ratings

Do not just buy a digital piano without finding out these facts because you will just end up regretting your choice and will not be able to appreciate learning the piano.

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