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Moc Chau is about 190 km far from Hanoi to the Northwest. Moc Chau attracts tourists due to the beautiful four-season scenes, natural beautiful flowers with special culture. You can visit Moc Chau at any time because Moc Chau has each kind of typical and beautiful flower for each season. They are pink peach flowers, white plum flowers, bauhinia flowers and cauliflowers. These flowers make specific characteristic of this moutainous area. Let’s discover more about these kinds of flowers!

4. Peach Flower Season

In mid winter, you will be surprised with early blooming French peach flowers with slightly pink color. Then, at the beginning of spring (before Tet holiday), forest peach flowers including jade peach, fade peach and bloom peach blossom brilliantly like a heaven with attractive pink colour.

  3. Plum Flower Season

About January or February, white plum flowers bring the romantic  and poetic scene. Plum flowers bloom very quickly in about 2-3 weeks. When plum flowers blossom, you will feel like walking on clouds when going under the plum trees.

 2. Bauhinia Variegata Flower Season

This typical flower of Northwest region usually blooms about from March to April when peach and plum flowers fade. White bauhinia variegata bloom (Ban flower) – the soul of moutains – creates a spectacular landscape to Moc Chau. On this occasion, you will have chance to join Het Cha festival of Thai people.

 1. Cauliflower Season

If you come to Moc Chau from end of October to December, you will be amazed at the fields and valleys with white blooming cauliflowers. Whiteness of flowers spreads throughout the space and creates a fairytale and romantic landscape.

In this time, in addition to cauliflowers, Moc Chau is also more colourful with brilliant yellow wild sunflowers. Blooming flowers along the streets always make tourists stop to enjoy and take photos.

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