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Po is a language file use by PHP to transform your website into multi language easily. You will see .po file in almost wordpress theme, plugin and many more place also use .po as a language file. You ofcourse can use PoEdit to translate .po file manually,  but wait, how long does it take to translate about 10,000 lines?? Luckily, there is some free tools can help you translate million rows in a short time.

4. Google Translate Toolkit (free) Auto translate po file online

Google Translate is a very big translate machine in the world, it can translate your language into any other language with the meaning and grammar correct ratio over 95%, especially short strings. It is very helpful if we use this no-cost-service to auto translate our .po files. You just only recheck and fix some string that not exactly as you want, google already did the rest.


Two stunning features of google translate toolkit are that you can invite your friends to join the translation process and use specially terms dictionary.

Note: At first, when you finish the upload, google suggest to use manual translate service, but this is an expensive service, so you don’t have to waiste money on it. Only auto translate is enough.

3. Potrans (free) Auto translate po file command line


Maybe you are a heavy geek guy, you hate the GUI tool like Google Translate toolkit, you only need the command in the terminal to speed up the process. So Potrans open-source is for you. This tool support Composer to translate .po file into other language using Google Translate API. So the result will be the same as using Google Translate Toolkit above.

2. Po Auto Translator (free) Auto translate po file offline


This tool for both windows and Linux. Po Auto Translator is a easy-to-use than two tool mentioned above, you don’t need to config many thing to start. But PO Auto Translator will take you longer time to translate than two tools above. It also couldn’t export 100% output file. You have to name it file-name.po then use PoEdit to export .po file.

1. Bonus: PoEditor (free 1,000 Strings )


So now, if you are not satisfy with three free tools above, you can go with PoEditor. This is a commercial tool, but have a trial plan. You can us trial plan to translate 1,000 strings.

I have to say that PoEditor’s result is better than three free tools above, because it combine Google Translate and Bing Translate to find the most suitable words for you automatically. Additional, it auto remember keywords which you manually fix, so that the next result will get better.

Image credit to Thachpham