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Motherhood is sheer bliss and undoubtedly the most sweet and yearning responsibility and experience in a woman’s life. But it comes with its share of downsides and changes. One of the biggest changes it brings to your life is that motherhood changes a woman’s body and figure forever and for better. But, it also makes one to gain weight especially around your stomach area.


Though, it comparatively easy to lose the post baby weight, but to get rid of your stomach flabs is completely a different story but entirely achievable and attainable if done properly and diligently. In this article, we will discuss few tips and tricks that will help all the yummy mummies to get a flat stomach post baby.

  1. Walk and talk:

    This is the best possible way to reduce the flab around your stomach in the earliest possible manner. It costs you almost nothing except 15-30 minutes from your daily routine. And most importantly you can do it with your bay around. Daily brisk walking makes your pelvic area stronger and burns the fat around your belly making your stomach flat. You can also catch up with your friends while walking instead of talking and chatting with them over drinks or tea

  2. Eat healthy and conveniently:

    This is very important if you want get back to your pre baby shape and get your flat stomach back. Don’t ever skip your meals. Instead eat meals at your own convenience and don’t forget to incorporate healthy foods, green veggies, fruits, drinks like green tea, whole grain snacks, etc. in your meal menu.

  3. Do crunches:

    This is an absolute favorites for the new moms for getting their pre pregnancy body and flat stomach back. Crunches are easy to do, you can do it even lying down in your bed itself and it works wonders for your stomach.

  4. Diet pills:

    This is also an amazing and hassle free option that can get you flat stomach in a quick and fast manner and help you to lose up to 2 pound per week in a steady manner. All these pills are clinically tested and many of them are available over the counter like phentermine. Online purchase is also available for these pills and its trending these days.

  5. Cut off your salt intake:

    Though this is not known to many, taking too much salt in your diet can make your belly/stomach bloat. Hence, immediately cut off salt from your diet and try instead sea salt. Sea salts are known for their effect on reducing fat around the stomach area and also it’s healthy for your health.

  6. Exercise:

    Apart from punches, running, strength exercises, cardio, punches and lifts work wonders in losing the belly fat. But, always perform these stints under proper and strict supervision in order to avoid any injuries. These exercises if done diligently and regularly, helps you to reduce around 3 pounds of overall body weight weekly apart from making your stomach flat as before.

  7. Water:

    Drink water and stay hydrated. This prevents you from getting bloated and drive out your body toxins, indirectly helping you to lose your flab around the stomach post baby.

Following these above simple tips and tricks will surely land you up in having a flat stomach while taking care of your little bundle of joy to the fullest.