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Having problems owning videos you like on Facebook? We can accept that they are funny, inspirational and what you look for whenever you login to your Facebook account. Reason why, Facebook is a social site where family, groups and friends meet to discuss social life, business and more. Sharing pictures and videos relates exactly to the reason you joined Facebook. For pictures it is easy, you can download and save in your computer, smart phone or tablet. On the other hand videos require more work especially if you are not aware of the ways used to download Facebook videos. Inventions and ideas come to existence every day and this is where technology didn’t leave us behind. Unless you were born in the 16th century you should be aware that there are more than 5 tools used to download Facebook videos. They are the same, what differs is the procedure followed to download Facebook videos, speed and efficiency.

1. Use Facebook Video Downloader online :



how to download facebook videos

It is among the fastest and the easiest ways to download Facebook videos. It is designed specifically for Facebook so you know it won’t work with other links. Unlike other video downloader, this tool gives you the original quality of the video as it was produced. If you wanted something fast, efficient with no other small issues like small errors that prevents you from accessing the video, then in my opinion, this might be your solution. Its procedure it as follows,

  1. Click on the video you want on the Facebook page. It will open the video on the foreground.
  2. Copy the link of that page. That is the link to that video.
  3. Paste the link to the link video search box in the Facebook video download simple tool accessed via
  4. Click on the get link icon below the search box. It will bring the image of the video below the search box.
  5. Click on the download link on the right hand side of the page and the video will automatically download.

You can check video tut here:

It should be given a credit of being the fastest face book download tools compared to other online Facebook video down loader. Why?

  • It was written in Python/Django the fastest framework.
  • It is an online service which doesn’t require you to download or install anything.
  • It doesn’t crush easily during the download process.
  • It is easy to use in that procedure of video download is not complicated.
  • You can download facebook private video easy

Visit for more information.

2. Internet Download Manager:

Another best way to access face book videos is by use of internet download manager. It is simple, once integrated in the browser you use to access Facebook in your computer. There are two ways you can do this. How internet download manager works

A) Its icon will automatically on the page once you click on the video, you click on it and select the quality of video you want in terms of MP4, Flv. Avi, Mkv and more. Click on it then it will automatically start to download.

B) You can also download the video by simply accessing and copy pasting the Facebook video link or the url on the icon on the upper left hand side of the internet download manager labelled ADD URL. This will download the link of the Facebook video so that you can view and be able to download it later. Internet downloader for personal computer is good, but for other lower end devices such as some tablets and smart phone won’t be able to enjoy the same benefits. Internet download manager is available for download at,


3. FLV Video Downloader:

The only limitation to this is that it is a Firefox add on, so you must have a Firefox to be able to use it. FLV video downloader behave more like Internet download manager. Once downloaded and installed, its icon will appear on the top almost right hand side of the Firefox browser. When you access a Facebook video using a Firefox, the icon turns blue meaning it is ready to download your Facebook video. Click on it and it will give options on the qualities of the videos you are planning to download. Click on your choice and your video will download. Just like internet download manager, FLV video downloader has limitations especially when it comes to smart phones, since not all smart phones are able to run Firefox. Flv Video Downloader can be found if you browse Firefox add ons or you can acces it directly at


4. Google Chrome Browser :

You can also easily download Facebook videos using chrome, unlike others chrome seems complicated for a starter. For chrome I can say it needs patience which most of us are not fond of. Here is the reason why. It has a long procedure as follows,

Downloading Facebook using chrome:

  1. Launch Chrome
  2. Log into Facebook to access the video you want to download
  3. Open the video in a new page by right clicking on it.
  4. Right- click anywhere on the page that contains your video and choose inspect element, developer tools will be opened at the bottom of the page and you will be able to see network icon at the top left of the developer tools.
  5. Click on the network icon then start playing the video. You can do this several times.
  6. Click the type column and find the video file.
  7. Right-click on the name path to open the video in a new tab.
  8. Finally right click on the video and click save as.
  9. Wait for download and then play your video.

For more information on how to download facebook videos using chrome, visit,


5. Free Facebook Downloader:

It may differ with others since it has a unique feature of converting videos. You can access Facebook videos in different formats. For low end devices this is always a dis advantage since most of the videos are labelled as in compatible. This is where this video downloader and converter is required. It is easy to use and has lots of option and the best part you can access this videos in formats you like including DVD and HD videos. It is easy to download and small sized that is 19 Mb file size.

Limitation of free Facebook downloader

The main problem with free Facebook downloader is that it is limited to Windows NT, Windows XP, windows Vista and Windows 7 meaning that, with the latest versions of windows 8 and 8.1 you won’t be able to use it. It is available at many sites just by typing the name, button be able to download it you can visit,


With video downloader tool merged with Facebook, Facebook has become more than a social site, but where we can share ideas, inspirations, fun and many more. Compared to past gone through various updates making it better and with introduction of Facebook video download simple tool, Facebook has become more than a social site, but more like an entertainment industry. You can now request music videos you’ve been looking for without success from face book pages, artists and more. Facebook video downloader tools puts Facebook at the top of other social sites.