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Web browsers are software application that enables you to browse the Internet, access websites. Web browsers translates HTML and allow you to read text, image, video and etc on the websites.

In the article, we’ll discuss and create showcase List Web Browsers available on the Internet today, and as well as to provide the answer to those who are curious to know Which is the best Internet Web Browser?. Or Which browser provides the best web features?.

Top 5 Web Browser 2015

List Web Browser

Web Browser Name Platforms
Internet Explorer Windows,
Firefox Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Chrome Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Safari Windows, Mac OS
Opera Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Netscape Navigator Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Camino Mac OS
SeaMonkey Windows, Linux
K-Meleon Windows, Mac OS
Galeon Linux
Konqueror Windows, Linux
Maxthon Browser Windows, Mac OS
Flock Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Lunascape Windows
Amaya Windows, Mac OS, Linux
iCab Mac OS
Midori Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Uzbl Linux
KidZui Windows
Dillo Web Browser Mac OS, Linux
Slim Browser Windows
Kid Rocket Windows
Epic Windows
Iron Browser Windows, Mac OS, Linux
GNU IceCat Mac OS, Linux
Comodo Dragon Windows
OmniWeb Mac OS
Crazy Browser Windows
Arora Windows, Mac OS, Linux
ShenzBrowser Windows
Swiftweasel Linux
Enigma Browser Windows
Kazahakase , Linux
Shiira Mac OS
Avant Browser Windows
Orca Windows
xB Browser Windows
Sleipnir Windows, Mac OS
Space time Windows
Browse 3D Windows
Bitty Browser Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Rekonq Linux
Lobo Java Web Browser Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Elinks Text WWW Browser Linux
Epiphany Mac OS, Linux
Grail Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Fluid Mac OS
Lynx Windows, Mac OS, Linux
The World Browser Windows
Classilla Mac OS
TT Windows
Pink browser Windows
NetSurf Mac OS, Linux
Nuke Browser Windows
Acoo Browser Windows
Pale Moon Windows
SlimBoat Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Dooble Windows, Mac OS, Linux
MenuBox Windows,
Chromium Windows, Mac OS
Ultrabrowser Windows, , Linux
ZAC Browser Windows
Kylo Windows, Mac OS
Swiftfox Linux
Morequick Windows
TenFourFox Mac OS
Wyzo media browser Windows, Mac OS
Xombrero Windows, Linux
QupZilla Windows, Linux
ComeBird Windows
QtWeb Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Deepnet Explorer Windows
Stinless Mac OS
Xtravo Windows
Torch Browser Windows, Mac OS

Top 5 list of best Web Browsers 2015

I think, you can notice we have a more and more browser available on the Internet today, so Which is the best browser?, add-on and security to their users. This is the war of the 5 best web browser.

This is a Web Browser global usage statistics (December/2014). You can see the image below.

Top 5 Web Browser 2015


No doubt, Chrome is the best web browser available on the internet today in terms of security, interface, features, extension support and browser platform. Chrome is the best and most popular web browser among the common user because Chrome has a simple interface, easy use and it’s compatible with the Google Service.


Like as Chrome, Firefox has became one among the top web browsers. So, I don’t like Firefox, because it’s didn’t integrate Adobe Flash, and when you install Adobe Flash Plugin for Firefox, It’s so crazy.

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer is still considered as the best browser among the top 5 list of the best browsers in the world because a simple reason, IE is the default browsers on Windows. In the past, IE had 95% market share Web Browser. But IE has some troubles for experience user, feature, support the new technology… and Microsoft didn’t fix it.

But, in the future, with a Spartan (new browser default on the Windows 10) I think IE is coming back.


Apple’s Safari is very fast web browser, if not the fastest web browser. Safari is developed by Apple and was released in 2003 and is Apple’s default web browser for Mac OS. Safari is considered as one of the top best web browsers in specific user groups.

Safari’s main features are its very fast browsing, navigational tools and Safari Reader.

No doubt, Safari is the best web browser for Mac OS.


Having started back in 1995, Opera stands as the second-oldest web browser currently in use. This software runs on a Google Chromium system. It is compatible across every platform and device. Opera is not the most popular desktop or mobile browser out there, but we were impressed with its features and security options, and found it to be one of the top internet browsers in its own right.

Image Credit: W3Counter

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