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Thailand, the land of awesome picturesque beaches, splendid sumptuous cuisines, and a culture that leaves you unconditionally mesmerized. If you thought these are the only claim to fame for Thailand, think again. Expect more and Thailand will not disappoint you for sure!

Situated in the Southeast Asia, Thailand is a paradise for the honeymooners, love birds and nature lovers who wish to leave the world behind and spend some immortal moments of their lives together in each others’ company.

Thai temple

This small but beautiful country with a population of just over six crore is divided into five regions viz., Northern Thailand, Isaan, Central Thailand, Eastern Thailand and Southern Thailand. Sited in these regions are world renowned tourist destinations like Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Phi Phi and Phuket to name a few. The population of Thailand is a cultural mix, with almost 95% of the citizens following Buddhism as their religion and the rest being Muslims, Christians and typically ethnic Thai.

Thai dance

Thai dance

Thai is the official language of Thailand, which is widely spoken and understood throughout the country. However, you may also find a local dialect being spoken in certain specific areas with Malay taking over from the official Thai in South Thailand. English is definitely a part of communication but do not expect the Thais to be fluent in it.

Thailand pagoda

An extremely tourist friendly country, Thailand will never make you feel alien in any way. So warm and courteous is the hospitality that you will find yourself having mingled into the Thailand’s culture and lifestyle in no time.

The sightseeing in Thailand promises to be a memorable experience. While every place has its own unique appeal, what may surprise you the most is the fact that at certain tourists attractions the entry fee for the foreigners are quite exorbitant as compared to the locals. Nevertheless, for the priceless experience that the places offer, you will not mind paying a little more price.

Thai classical puppetry show (Aksra Hoon Lakorn Lek), Aksra Theatre, Bangkok, Thailand

The weather and climate of Thailand is hot and humid. Being a tropical country with temperatures hovering around 28 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius round the year, the best season to visit this scenic and exotic locale is November to February. During this period, Thailand is at its very best as rains do not play a spoil sport. The humidity is low and the temperatures are relatively cool, which adds to the zeal and the zest. March to June is particularly hot with barometer touching 40 degrees Celsius. July to October is rainy season so not many travelers prefer Thailand as their destination during these months.

Mountains of Thailand

Neither Thailand nor its denizens fall short of expectations when it comes to hospitality. No matter what type of a traveller you are, Thailand welcomes you with open arms. The hotels in Thailand cater to varied interests of the tourists and make everyone, whether a backpacker or the one who wishes his stay to be nothing less than a fairytale, with equal elan. You may check into the most luxurious of the hotels or may also opt for small cottages as per your choice and budget.

thailand pagoda

Getting into and going around Thailand is a bit complicated though. The visa procedures and rules vary from country to country and also the mode of transport you may have chosen to get into Thailand. For example the visa permit for a US citizen will be different from the one coming in from say an ASEAN country. Again, if you are entering Thailand by road the number of days you may be allowed to stay in Thailand will be different than if you choose to enter by the aerial route.

To put it in brief, Thailand is a place which stimulates all your five senses and the sixth one too. It’s just the question of your choice and perception which will make the difference.

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