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France is among the top country, which is known for as a fishing destination. Hence no wonder you get different shipping experiences including the choice of fishing in lakes, rivers and ocean. With so much of the options and destinations for your holiday in France, make sure you note down certain things to prepare before going for the Carp fishing bookings for Lac De Villedon as under:

Decide your Destination – Lake, River or Private Venue

One of the vital decision, you need to make is to start planning for fishing trip to France is whether you would want to go to a river, private venue or public lake. This decision however would depend mainly on the how adventurous you are going to feel and the amount of comfort level you would require and as per your budget. If you are looking for the cheapest option, you can go with the public lakes, which can be found out in all the villages and towns of France and most of them are stocked with carp. If rules do not worry you then lakes can be a great option to try. Fishing for carp in a public lake can vary to a great extent. Fishing in rivers would be an exhilarating kind of experience.

Check for Fishing Permits

For fishing in the public lakes or waters, you would require a fishing permit. You can really buy for your license for the tackle shop close to the chosen lake or find it online. You can find it easily over the search engine. When it comes to permissions, there are different types, which are available as per the length of your stay and currently the weekly permit can cost you around €32.  You need to get this permission personally rather than getting the permission online and it requires photo IDs.

Choosing the Right Time of Year

The season for fishing on the kind of water matters a lot. On private lakes, fishing is usually found from April to October with a couple of venues being open all around the year. For the public venues, it will depend upon the water category you choose. For more oxygenated water known as premiere categorie that carries primary tout, fishing is allowed only on the second Saturday in the month of March to the third Saturday in September. The less free flowing waters are known as seconde categorie and it include all the other kind of watercourses, canals that stretches the water comprising mainly the pike, zander and carp. The season usually falls in between 1st May to 31st January of the following year. In both the cases, you have the option of fishing from half after the sunrise to the half an hour after sunset. The permit will give you fishing options for both the categories.

Night Fishing

You need to be very much careful when it comes to night fishing especially over the rivers. The night fishing sections known as secteurs de nuit are rare issues but they are seen existing. Do keep in mind that you comply the limits, which are simply allows unlike the water that are policed. On majority of private venues, the night fishing is allowed and doesn’t really need any permission for the same.


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