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Sometimes, you are going to need to create your resume (curriculum vitae). This is a big deal. If it’s frist time you create your resume, you can confused with many questions: What information do you need? Or How do you lay it out in an impressive manner or professional….

Fortunately, there are many apps and sites that will help you create a professional resume. In the article, you can know 5 apps and sites help you build a professional and impressive resume.


Tools to create resume is a great web app that will help you create a resume online very quickly and easily.

This is a free service, but you can upgrade to a premium account. With premium account, you can receive more features, for example: your own URL, real statistics, and set up a mobile version with 20$ per year.


Tools to create resume has a great slogan: Create and share visual ideas. This service helps you create resume impressive in form of infographics. You can choose a template resume from or you can create your resume by drag and drop elements.

Using very easily, you can change color, size or template… Summary, if you need an impressive resume and quicly, is the best choice.

8. Kickresume

Tools to create resume

Kickresume is a great web app, it’s can help you create a resume very quickly and easily with 25.000 users per month.

With Kickresume, It’s doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to set up a resume. Very easily, you choose a template, fill your information or import your data from Linkedln Profile and save it.

7. Cvmaker

Tools to create resume

As it’s name suggests, Cvmaker is a great tool that allows you create a resume with nice interface and impressive.

Just fill your information then Cvmaker will help you create an elegant resume. When it’s done, you can download resume in PDF format.

6. My Perfect Resume

Tools to create resume

With My Perfect Resume, you can choose a template you want to use, and fill your information then My Perfect Resume help you create it.

You can download your resume in the various formats: HTML, PDF, DOC…


Tools to create resume is a great web app that will help create an impressive resume by a simplest way. That is a slogan of Enthuse “Keeping things as simple as possible.

Everything you need to do is an upload your avatar, add a few words about yourself and other content you choose.

If you are looking for a fast and simple tool, this is a best choice.

4. ResumUP

Tools to create resume

ResumUP is not a regular tool for creating resume, it’s an artwork. You can import your data from Facebook Profile or Linkedln Profile to ResumUP then you can input your information and wait ResumUP create your resume.

I believe, you will impress any employer with your resume create by ResumUP.


Tools to create resume

Like ResumUP and, will help you create your resume very quickly and easily in form of infographics. Just fill your information like as: your skills, educations… then choose theme you like. So, you can download your resume.

2. Resume Now

Tools to create resume

Resume Now is the great tool that helps you build your resume for Live Career. You will choose more professional resume template written by the employer. Just fill your information then you can save it with more format: docx, pdf, txt…

Once you have created your resume you can download it, email it or print it. Very useful.

1. Resume Builder

Tools to create resume

Resume Builder is a great app that helps you create a resume with professional manner. Once installed, the app is amazingly simple to use, just add your pertinent data for each section.

When you have completed filling in the information, you can save it as PDF or doc format.

The resume is there is no way to format the layout, but you can receive a professional resume.