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There have been a wide range of chocolate brands which are well-known for their tastes and high quality ingredients. Therefore, people are usually wondering about which to buy. Have you ever thought how your favorite chocolate reached you when having a bite of it, mumbling its deliciousness? The world enjoys various brands of blended chocolates which are available accordingly for all. In this article, Toplisttips would like to introduce you Top 10 Best-Selling Chocolate Brands in the World 2015. Check it out:

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10. Kit Kat

Best-Selling Chocolate Brands in the World 2015

Kit Kat brand was launched in 1935 by a confectionary company. The very first “Kit Kat” consisted of finger bars made of wheat and milk coated with a sophisticated layer of hot settled chocolate. The brand then developed quickly with the wide variety of flavor including fruits, honey, and caramel. Recent surveys show that “Kit Kat” is now on top favorite chocolate brand in the world. The best part of this chocolate is that you can divide it into equal bars while sharing among your friends or family members.

9. Mars

Best-Selling Chocolate Brands in the World 2015

Mars (also Mars bar) is a chocolate bar manufactured by American chocolate company Mars, Incorporated. It was first manufactured in Slough, Berkshire in the United Kingdom in 1932 and was advertised to the trade as being made with Cadbury’s chocolate as “couverture”. The famous majestic Mars bars are known for their yummy taste and quality ingredients. The magical taste of Mars’s chocolates and pancakes has absolutely no alternate. It packs its items in perfect boxes, and adds nougat, minced almonds, caramel topping, and honey to make them rich in flavor.

8. Galaxy

Best-Selling Chocolate Brands in the World 2015

To consider love for the chocolate taste, Galaxy would be one brand which makes a person slumber deep into admission of its mumble taste. The Makers of Galaxy are same as Mars but the delightfulness is added by the rich use of rippled milk with hot cocoa splattered with fruit ingredients and sweet flavors. Its outlets are spread all over UK, African regions and the Middle East. Having being started in 1986, its centers are located in the UK. More variety of endorses are also available by its name such as ‘Galaxy Jewels, ‘Caramel’, ‘Fruitia’ and ‘Dove’.

7. Toblerone

Best-Selling Chocolate Brands in the World 2015

Many of us adore the distinctive prism like packing of a chocolate coming and luring our taste buds to have it more. This delicious pack of flavors started back in 1908 as a premium dessert for royalties. It Consists of Nougat, almonds, honey and rich cocoa covered together. It is then cut into small prism shapes making it more attractive and murky. It comes in various packings having flavors such as ‘Plain’, ‘White’, Pralines, ‘Fruit Nuts’ & ‘ Honey Comb’.

6. Lindt & Sprüngli

Best-Selling Chocolate Brands in the World 2015

The chocolates of Lindt & Sprungli come flavors like ‘Plain’, ‘White’, Pralines, ‘Fruit Nuts’, ‘ Honey Comb’. I don’t think any other company manufactures this much high quality of chocolates and brownies. It was established in 1845 in Zurich, by David Sprungli & Rodolphe Lindt. This brand has one of the biggest chocolate factories in the world. It takes special care of the ingredients to be used in its desserts, and uses only milk and granular ingredients, mixed with flavors of fruits.

5. Cadbury

Best-Selling Chocolate Brands in the World 2015

Cadbury is one of the best-selling chocolate brands in the world which was founded in 1824 in London. The company deals in flavorful chocolates, milk bars, fruity nuts, crunches, and delicious wafers—all made of milk, cocoa, sugar, cream, and honey like fresh ingredients. One of its major varieties is delightful special Cadbury flakes.

4. Guylian

Best-Selling Chocolate Brands in the World 2015

The famous Belgian chocolate brand ‘Guylian’ is a richly designed and manufactured product in the world. Its known for its premium customized hand-made cocoa bars. It comes with different classy maneuvers such as sea shell shapes, praline fillings, roasted hazelnut additives and much more. The more attractive is its high-end packing along with its finger licking tastes. In 2005, Guylian chocolates won the title of making the biggest Easter egg of all time.

3. Domingo Ghirardelli

Best-Selling Chocolate Brands in the World 2015

This is an Italian chocolatier, owned by Domingo Ghirardelli. It was founded in 1852. Today, Ghirardelli has become one of the finest chocolate manufacturers. The irresistible taste and unique styles of its chocolates tend to be everyone’s favorite. These Italian craftsmen use milk, and cocoa in their chocolates, along with caramel and fresh cream. This brand is currently headquartered in USA.

2. Ferrero Rocher

Best-Selling Chocolate Brands in the World 2015

Saving the last for the best is what the motto of Ferrero Rocher is. This is another Italian brand that sells the chocolates worldwide with great pride. It is one of the oldest chocolate companies, founded originally in 1981 by Ferrero SpA. Every bite of its wafers and chocolates is filled with so much taste and rich ingredients. The brand’s wafer-filled chocolates with milk constituents are the best and widely loved.

1. Patchi

Best-Selling Chocolate Brands in the World 2015

Patchi is known for producing chocolates that are intended to present as a gift for your beloved one’s. Patchi is an international chocolate brand. It’s online boutique products are also very much famous. The chocolates that are produced at Patchi are very delicious and mouth watery.

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