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When it comes to homescreen customization, Android really owns iPhone in all aspects. You can change every app icon, add weather widgets, calendar and clock widgets to the homescreen and even change the way you can multitask or switch between different apps. You can do a lot on an Android, and even more with a rooted one, but one cool thing unique to Android devices are live wallpapers.


1. Lantern Festival 3D

A scene set on a serene, oriental background with Chinese lanterns that float on the water before flying off into the distance.


Download here


2. Thunderstorm Free

A non-stop action live wallpaper showing you a raging thunderstorm.


Download here


3. Panoramic Screen

Use your own wide pictures with this tweak to give it a panoramic view that moves as you navigate your homescreen.


Download here


4. Photosphere

Select photosphere images from your device and use it as a moving background, sensitive to touch and tilt, for your homescreen.


Download here


5. Forest HD

A scenic forest lit up by sunrays penetrating through the top with moving wildlife at every corner.


Download here


6. Galaxy S3/S4

The famous picture of the dandelion on Galaxy S3 i snow turned into a live wallpaper featuring flying seeds.


Download here


7. Sun Rise Free

Wake up to a beautiful sunrise on your phone with silhouettes of trees and birds flying above.


Download here


8. Water Drop

Watch Water ripple effects as you touch and swipe your screen. Also works with your own pictures.


Download here


9. aniPet Aquarium

Turn your display into an aquarium where you can feed and grow 180 different species of fish.


Download here


10. Snowfall Free

A good Christmas theme for your Android that features gentle snowflakes falling on swaying pine trees.


Download here