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 While traveling around the world, many cameras tend to find their way to scenes of nature accented with an old bridge. There’s something haunting and curious about old bridges like the ones in this compilation, perhaps because they remind us of mysterious fairy-tales, giving us a fragile hope that those mystical worlds might just appear at the other end of that bridge.

With this list of the most magical bridges around the world, we invite you to embrace your sweetest fantasies and, with an open heart and eye, travel to a world far away.

10.  Rakotz Brucke Rock Bridge


The ancient Rakotz Brucke rock bridge in Germany is also known as The Bridge of Devil. Built in Medieval (from about 1.000 – 1.600 AD). Rakotz Brucke is so gorgeous but still remains its ancient Roman style.

9.  Mullerthal Bridge


Be built inside a forest, Mullerthal Bridge, Luxembourg, crosses a small stream, making a mysterious and attractive scenery.

8. Benson

My-1412753730_660x0Benson is a bridge which spans over Multnomah fall, Oregon State in America. People passing the bridge will be amazed because of the beautiful scenery of mountain and forest. The bridge has just re-opened in May 2014 after being destroyed by a rock rolled down from a cliff.

7. Glenfinnan Viaduct


Glenfinnan Viaduct is a railway bridge on the West Highland Line in Glenfinnan, Lochaber, Highland, Scotland.  In the picture, there is the train running on the Glenfinnan Viaduct . The image of this 21-arch bridge used to appear in Harry Potter movie.

6. Gapstow bridge


Gapstow bridge is a symbol of central park, Manhattan District, New York, USA. This bridge was first built in 1874 and made of wood and iron by architect Jacob Wrey Mould designs. Gapstow used to badly destroyed and started to rebuild in 1896.

5. The Foley Bridge


The Foley Bridge was  inside Tollymore Park, North Ireland, UK. It was built in 1787. The bridge spans over Shimna river, making a mysterious beautiful scenery like  in a fairy world.

4. The Ahwanee Bridge


The Ahwanee Bridge spans over Merced river in Yosemite National Park, California, US. When the fall is coming, plants start to change their leaf color, making the view around the bridge become gorgeous.

 3. Stari Most Bridge


Stari Most was rebuilt from a old bridge in The Ottoman Empire in 16th century. The bridge spans over Neretva river, connecting two sides of Mostar city in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

2. The bridge in Norway


The bridge spanning Latefossen fall is a arch bridge in Odda, Hordaland, Norway. This bridge was completed in 1859.

1.  The bridge in Hermitage National Garden


The ancient bridge is located in Hermitage National Garden, Dunkeld Town, Scotland. It has a natural wild beauty and contemplation.

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