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When you think of winter, what do you think of?  Snow? Christmas? Hot chocolate? Winter has a peculiar fascination that we can not ignor. It is so great if you are outdoors playing in the snow and enjoy this amazing weather with your family and friends. In this article, you’ll find the old standby ways to have fun in the snow, as well as some new, more inventive uses for the stuff.

Playing in the snow is something that you’re never too old to enjoy!

10.  Play With Your Dogs In The Snow

Dogs are cute, but dogs in snow are even more adorable, especially when they romp, pounce, and play in powder. You know that dogs make perfect play pals on snowy days. Try the following fun exercises the next time you play with your dogs in the snow. You can have a snowball fight. Dogs like to chase and catch snowballs or join a race in the snow and find out who can run the fastest in powder. But it is better if you keep them warm with a sweater or jacket, and make sure they drink plenty of water if they’re running around a lot.

9. Make A Snow Angel

activities in the snow

The creation of the snow angel is a simple process. The first step is to find an undisturbed plane of fresh snow. The next step is to lie with arms and legs outstretched, on the snow. The limbs are then swept back and forth, creating a trough through the snow. When it is finished, the snow angel should have the appearance of a stylized angel, the movement of the arms having formed wings, and that of the legs having formed a gown. Finally, let’s take a beautiful photo.

8. Fluffy Snow And A Trampoline

activities in the snow

It has just snowed fluffy snow outside and you have atrampoline, here is a fun way to play in the snow. You will shovel a lot of snow into a big pile. Then, set up the mini-trampoline right next to your snow hill.Take a running start to the trampoline as if you are doing long-jump in track.Take one bounce on the trampoline and land in the snow, it is most fun if you do a somersault.

7. Ice Fishing

You have gotten hooked on fishing during the warm weather months might love to try ice fishing. You not only learn to be patient but also have time to have long chat with your friends and  have fresh fishes. Always be sure that the ice is safe – at least 4 inches thick – and that temperatures have been below freezing for several days straight. Children, and even adults, should never ice fish alone in case of an emergency on the ice.

6. Build An Igloo

activities in the snow

When you feel like a really good workout with a neat result at the end of it, building an igloo can be a fantastic form of exercise, and is perfect for winter teamwork. And if an igloo seems all too daunting, you can always build a snow fort with its own snow tunnel instead.                                      We have some tips for you: Be picky about your snow. It must be packable. Also, if there was a frost just before the snow and the bottom layer is slushy, it won’t be comfortable to sit inside the igloo. Make sure the walls are not too thin and compact snow down so it is sturdier and if you use block moulds, it will be easier.

5. Ice Skating

activities in the snow

Ice skating is graceful and enjoyable. This slippery activity will be tricky for newcomers. But once they get the hang of it, they might get addicted. Age 4 or 5 is a nice time to begin skating or take lessons. Most children wear figure skates or hockey skates to start out. After they get more into skating, they can try the sports of speed skating, ice dancing, figure skating, or hockey.

4. Go Snowboarding 

activities in the snow

This sport requires a little more expertise than many other winter activities and it is viewed as an “extreme sport” but it’s ideal for exercise, exhilaration, and for getting you out into the vast wintry outdoors. Wear good safety gear, get lessons, and stick within the designated snowboarding areas.

3. Sledding

activities in the snow

There’s nothing better than gliding through the cool air on a sled. Find a good hill and grab your tube, toboggan, or saucer for hours of entertainment. Sledding is fun for all ages, but toddlers should ride with a parent, and should be well-bundled in layers to stay warm and cushion their tumbles.

2. Snowball Fight

activities in the snow

Start a snowball fight! Team up with your friends against your other friends and hit them with snowballs without being hit yourself! By joining in the fun, you can help your younger child or underdog while also supervising to make sure it doesn’t turn into bullying. Avoid injuries by making sure the snow isn’t too icy. Snow on super-cold days will be too light and airy to form a ball. Here’s a tip: Lie down on the snow for a few minutes to heat some up and then try to pack that warmer snow into a ball.

1.  Build A Snowman

activities in the snow

Do you love to make a snowman in the yard, especially around the holidays? Don’t let winter pass you by without building a fun snowman in your yard. After stacking a few big snowballs to make the body, you can use your imagination to find fruits, vegetables, sticks, berries, clothes, and other materials to bring their snowman to life.