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Just in a few days, New Year will come. Do you remember what you usually do for first hours of the New Year? Have you ever wonder why these traditions and superstitions continue from years to years? Are you worried if you forget to do some of them?  Let’s Toplisttips remind you 10 popular New Year’s traditions and superstitions and how they are formed:

10. New Clothes

Traditions and Superstitions in the New Year

It is believed that if you wear new clothes on January 1st, you will be bestowed many new garments and happiness all year. In almost all countries, red clothing is preferred for New Year time since red is considered a happy color while the color choice in some other ones are selected carefully depending on their wish for the new year (Eg: love-red, sustenance- purple, etc).

9. The Mid-night Kiss

Traditions and Superstitions in the New Year

New Year’s Eve ranks second behind Valentine’s Day as the worst day to be single because when that clock strikes midnight everybody’s smooching but you. Granted, this is only painful for about 60 seconds (unlike Valentine’s Day which serves up a full 24 hours of candy hearts, barely clothed cupids and ridiculous romantic gestures). The New Year’s Eve kiss is a symbol that your affection and closeness will last all year. So don’t grab some weirdo and kiss them, find a friend and give ‘em a hug.

8. Fireworks

Traditions and Superstitions in the New Year

On the New Year’s Eve, it is a superstitions that the evils gathers and try to bring some alive ones away. Therefore, the activities making loud noises are preferred to scare away the evil spirits. Besides singing, cheering, fireworks are so common. On the moment transferring to the New Year, people are interested in watching the fireworks lighting on the sky.

7. First Footer

Traditions and Superstitions in the New Year


The first person who visit your house on New Year’s Day has significance. There are many superstitions about the first man putting his foot on your house’s ground. In Asia, that man should be male and age-matched with the host of the house and when he comes, he should say good things for the coming year. The conception is different in Western countries which consider good looking man with dark hair means better luck.

In addition, to have full lucks of the year, making sure only your right foot is firmly on the ground because it will definitely bring you good fortunes.

6. No Cleaning

Traditions and Superstitions in the New Year

While people try to clean, decorate their house at end days of the year, no brooms or dusters this New Year’s. The reason for this tradition is that some fear sweeping will sweep away all the good fortune for the New Year.

5. Debt Clearing

Traditions and Superstitions in the New Year

It sounds like a resolution but you’re supposed to do this before January 1. Pay away all your debts before New Year’s Eve as the New Year should not begin with the household in debt. On New Year’s Day you shouldn’t pay out anything or make loans because this signals money leaving you. So buy your lottery tickets on New Year’s Eve.

4. Lucky Money

Traditions and Superstitions in the New Year

This is the tradition on the (Lunar) New Year of Asian societies. Lucky money is money (especially ones in red) put in red envelops that adults giving to children on the very first days of the year to remember the fondest memories as the beginning of a wonderful year.

3. Making Solution

Traditions and Superstitions in the New Year

Many believe the first day of the New Year should be spent thinking about the past year and resolving to improve oneself in the coming year. And while the media recycles old stories about quitting smoking or getting out of debt and your parents use new year’s resolutions as a guilt-inducing tactic to get you to move out of their basement or pay back what you owe them not all resolutions have to be a life-altering ordeal. Resolve small in the New Year and you’ll feel good that you got something accomplished.

2. Writing a Wish List

Traditions and Superstitions in the New Year

The wish list should be your roadmap in the coming year! The writing of it on New Year time has significance as it show how passionate you are for the coming year. Therefore, similar to the widely practiced tradition of making a list of “New Year’s Resolutions,” a  wish list for the new year should include all those goals you’re hoping to reach next year AND those less tangible wishes

1. First things do at New Year

Traditions and Superstitions in the New Year

While most of these superstitions and traditions are meant to usher in good luck while keeping bad luck at bay, what you do can reflect how you’ll live in the coming year. Recovering from a big party the night before? Your year will likely include being surrounded by friends and good times. Motivating to work out on New Year’s Day? Well look who might just drop 10lbs in the new year. Cleaning and organizing around the house? Sounds like a year full of getting things done. Sleeping the day away? Maybe you won’t be getting too much done in the new year. Reading Top 10 lists? Sounds good to us. Happy New Year.

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