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Selfie is a kind of taking self-portrait photo is movements around the world. But looking to below images, it seems to be like this act is so dangerous.

Selfie with a bear

“Bear” here does not mean a young people, it means a real North America bear. This photo was taken at a wild animal sanctuary in America. Tourists were warned that they shouldn’t get too close to take photos, but the girl defied the warning to take this photos. Is this a siprit of “sacrifice for art” ?

Selfie when a bull is chasing​

This is another situation of dangerous self-portrait photo was taken. A San Fermin Festival participant in Pamplona in 2014 took a selfie-portrait while a bull over 1 ton was run after him.

Taking at a very high place

Solent News & Photo Agency
The image was made by 2 Russian guys are close friend with each other.

Climbing the building construction crane​

James Kingston is a English sportman famous for jaw-dropping series. To prove his ability, he decided to use personal skills to climb the construction crane of a building under contruction in Bangalore to make the photo.

Dropping suspended in mid-air​

Another photo was performed by Kingston at South Bank building in London.

Selfie out of space​

This selfie has been known lately. In the photo is an Japanese astronaut, Aki Hoshide, performed on a work travel to the ISS International Space Station.

Selfie in a baseball match​

If you realized the ball in the back of the photo, then everything was late.

Once a pilot takes ​self-portrait photo

This photo was taken by a pilot of ​Danish Air Force.
Another photo was taken by a photo figheter pilot of Denmark. It seems like the force here was very relaxed  when training here.

The tenth photo​

The photo was taken at the biggest Christ the Redeemer Statue on the world in Rio, Brazil