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Doing yoga is the great way to create your flexibility and strength, awareness and harmony in both the body and the mind. Yoga is also a good choice to lose weight if it is practised regularly and approperiately. There are some yoga poses which are effective to lose weight and keep the balanced body. Here are top 10 recommended yoga poses for weight loss for you:

10. Seated Forward Bend Yoga Pose

This pose is one of the simple yoga poses for weight loss but also helps calm brain and relieve stress and mild depression, stretch the spine, shoulders, hamstrings, improve digestion, reduce obesity…

9. Shoulder Stand Yoga Pose

Shoulder Stand Pose is one of the effective yoga poses for weight loss if you practise regularly. This pose also provides benefits to whole body and helps improve overall health, blood circulation and good for digestive system, cure back pain, improve function of digestion, cure thỷoid problems…

8. Boat Yoga Pose

Reducing belly fat, strengthening the intestines and improving the function of digestion are some of benefits of this yoga pose.

7. Warrior I Yoga Pose

This asana helps to stretch your back, strengthen your thigh, buttock and tummy, which help you to lose weight.

6. Warrior II Yoga Pose

This asana is great to strengthen the muscles in your back, thighs, abdomen and core and also helps you with weight loss.

5. Bow Yoga Pose

It not only helps to burn the fat but also help to tone of arms and legs. The stretch in the abdominal region when taking this pose is useful to loosen up the fat. It burns about 3 calories per minute with 1.8 calories from fat.

4. Plow Yoga Pose

Similar to Yoga Bow Pose, this asana burns  about 3 calories per minute with 1.8 calories from fat, thus it is an effective pose for weight loss. This pose is helpful to reduce both belly and body fat.

3. Wind Releasing Yoga Pose

Wind releasing pose (or wind relieving pose) helps regulate wind in the body, release the muscles of the lower back and relax the body. It also relieves constipation and indigestion, reduces obesity and excessive fat of the abdomen, thus it is useful to eliminate fat from body. This is excellent yoga pose for weight loss from abdominal area.

2. Cobra Yoga Pose

The pose working on the chest and the back region helps to take deep breaths resulting in more oxygenated blood to different parts of the body.  It helps boost energy and keep your metabolism burning strong. Thus it is a simple yoga pose for weight loss.

1. Sun Salutation Yoga Pose

Sun Salutation is the most effective pose series for weight loss. This includes 12 yoga poses combined to form a sequence. This series of yoga poses burns calories more than calories of other yoga poses and thus helps lose weight. This series burn about 3.97 calories perminute Beside weight loss, sun salutation is helpful in strengthening your back, upper body and quadriceps as well as improving your flexibility, increasing your respiratory capacity and stimulating your digestive system.

 Weight loss is the combination of many other factors beside yoga poses, thus a disciplined lifestyle and habits of eating is very important. Combination of frequent yoga practice, healthy  eating habits and lifestyle will take you to the body you have ever dreamt of.