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Squid is a caching proxy for the Web supporting HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, and more. It reduces bandwidth and improves response times by caching and reusing frequently-requested web pages. Squid has extensive access controls and makes a great server accelerator. It runs on most available operating systems, including Windows and is licensed under the GNU GPL.

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Sometime because of some reasons we can’t use squid so we need an alternative one or maybe we need to find some similar softwares to Squid which have some features that Squid does not support.

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So so there are a lot of alternatives for you:

1. Polipo – Open Source (Windows/Linux)

Polipo configurations panel

Polipo configurations panel

A small and fast caching web proxy (a web cache, an HTTP proxy, a proxy server). Polipo can be used in place of ad-filtering, privacy-enhancing proxies such as Junkbuster, Privoxy or WWWOFFLE. As Polipo has much more refined HTTP support, it doesnt impose the speed tax usually associated with such proxies.

2. Varnish – Open Source (Mac/Windows/Linux)


Varnish Cache is very popular and trusted by many webmaster, system Admin orver the world. It is an open source, state of the art web application accelerator. You install it on your web server and it makes your website fly…

3. WinGate – Freemium (Windows)


Wingate have a eye-caching UI

WinGate Proxy Server is a highly capable integrated Proxy server, firewall and email server designed for access control, security and communications needs. What you do get is all the features of Standard license for 3 concurrent users.

4. GlimmerBlocker – Open Source (Mac, Safari)


GlimmerBlocker is implemented as an http proxy, so the stability of Safari isnt compromised because it doesnt use any hacks. It is even compatible with all other browsers and other native Mac OS X applications which uses http, e.g. NetNewsWire.

The problem with other ad-blockers for Safari is that they are implemented as awful hacks: as an InputManager and/or ApplicationEnhancer. This compromises the stability of Safari and very often create problems when Apple releases a new version of Safari. Snow Leopard doesnt support the InputManager-based blockers when Safari runs in 64-bit mode.

5. FreeProxy – Free (Windows)


Feature summary from website:
* Internet connection sharing with demand dialling
* HTTP proxy, including FTP over HTTP
* SMTP & POP email proxy
* NNTP proxy
* Outlook Express / Hotmail email proxy
* TCP tunnel (tunnel any TCP protocol)
* HTTP cache
* Connect to ICQ and MSN easily
* HTTP 1.1 persistent connections, RFC2616 and RFC2518 compliant. See Compliancy below.
* Demand Dialling, auto connect/disconnect
* URL filtering has been replaced by Resource Security which allows username password authentication and access to
* resources.
* URL and IP address filtering from imported Ban Lists
* Remote access to display statistics of users
* Access controlled by user and calendar
* Resources include IP addresses, ports, URLs, paths, IP services
* Comprehensive access logs which are user configurable
* Create users and groups and/or authenticate to a Windows domain
* Built-in web server
* Run as a service under Win NT/2000/XP/2003 or Win98/Me
* Message logging and dumping
* Connect to another Proxy server or connect directly to the internet
* Bind to a specific network interface for added security (“local binding”)
* Works with Dial-up Networking and Cable/Broadband

6. Proximodo – Open source (Windows)


Proximodo is a loopback proxy server, seemingly a fork of proxomitron though likely abandonware. Unlike Proxomitron its developer is not existentially challenged. Additionally Proximodo can use Proxomitron filters. Unfortunately it does not support SSL connections. This could be one answer to browser fingerprinting. It is a less browser-intensive mode of adBLOCKing / adBLOCK / adBLOCKer.

7. Acrylic DNS Proxy – Open Source (Windows)


Acrylic is a local DNS proxy which improves the performance of your computer by caching the responses coming from your DNS servers.

8. CCProxy – Freemium (Windows)


9. TinyProxy – Open Source (Linux)


Tinyproxy is a light-weight HTTP/HTTPS proxy daemon for POSIX operating systems. It is free software, and supports transparent and reverse proxying.

10. SquidMan – Free (Mac)


SquidMan is a MacOS X graphical installer and manager for the Squid proxy cache. It is designed to operate as a “personal” proxy server.

When you run Squid on a MacOS X computer, it can:
cache downloaded content, reducing network traffic and improving browsing performance on slow links
act as a proxy server for other computers on your subnet
restore the operation of some MacOS X applications that normally fail through authenticated proxy servers

11. Lusca – Open Source (Windows/Linux)

Lusca is a fork of the Squid -2 development tree. The Lusca project aims to fix the shortcomings in the Squid-2 codebase whilst maintaining the the Squid-2 functionality and stability.

12. JanaServer (Jana) – Free (Windows)


Http, Ftp, Gopher und Https Proxy. Mit Http- Email Server und Real Player Proxy.

The JanaServer 2 is amongst other things a proxy server, that makes it possible for LAN members, everyone or a group as a part of the LAN, to access the internet via a Modem, ISDN or DSL connection. For this the program must be installed on the computer, that can access the internet by an installed modem, ISDN or a DSL adapter. No additional program on the other LAN computers is necessary.

Furthermore the JanaServer is an e-mail server that permits the users on the local net to send each other e-mails or make it possible for every single user to send e-mails over the internet. Every user can have his e-mail account with a different provider. A HTTP server, which allows testing of local web sites or to serve an intranet, is also integrated. It is possible to set up Perl/CGI-, PHP3/4- and ASP-scripts for several functions you may want to have.

Further functions which are incorporated in the program: a FTP server, a DNS forewarder, acting as a DNS server in a LAN and gateway functions for FTP programs, Telnet, Newsreader and custom gateways.

Different languages are supported

* German
* English
* Hungarian
* French
* Spanish
* Italian
* Dutch
* Czech
* Chinese
* Croatian


13. ExaProxy – Free (Mac/Linux/BSD)


ExaProxy is a a high-performance non-caching proxy. It is able to filter HTTP traffic using third party scripts in your favorite programming language.

14. Gate.js – Free (Mac/Linux?BSD)


gate – Performance & scalable I/O forward & reverse HTTP proxy based on node.js + V8 a real alternative to Squid & NGINX

15. Artica Proxy – Open Source (Linux)


Artica Proxy is an appliance that claim to manage Squid-cache proxy with all features that Squid Cache provides.
With the Artica Web interface you can monitor, manage get statistics of your proxy service.
Artica Proxy provides ISOs in order to build a full proxy appliance without any technical skills.
Artica Proxy allows to enable Web filtering engine with more than 30.000.000 categorized websites.
Other features included such as reverse-proxy, RDP proxy, VPN, DHCP, DNS…

If you know some more, list it in the comment to help others, thank you.

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