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2014 is coming to its end. From the Ukraine crisis to the rise of ISIS in the middle East and then the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, 2014 is for sure a year of ups and downs. Though it may depends on the way people see the world, by looking through the following 15 events, it cannot be denied that 2014 appears to be a year of many tragedy events, more than we may have thought.

15. The Ukraine Crisis – from 01/2014 to now


One of the main events happened in 2014 was the turmoil in Ukraine. The protest movement then almost developed into a nationwide civil war, with the support to the separatist by Russia in the north of this country.

14. Polar Vortex – May 1/2014


In the early of 2014, the United States was immersed in record cold snap for consecutive weeks. A weather pattern known as The Polar Vortex being derived from the freezing temperatures stroke the US.

13. The outbreak of Ebola epidemic in West Africa – May 2/2014

2014 saw the start of the epidemic that had the infestation and death level being recorded as most horrible in the history of West Africa. In September, the World Health Organization – WHO announced that Ebola is a epidemic, and is still working hard to push back the epidemic.

12. Aircraft Malaysia 370 missing – May 3/2014


During the flight from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 370 aircraft disappeared around the Gulf of Thailand with 239 passengers on board. Fragments of the plane remains in mystery. Many people said that the plane had crashed Indian Ocean region. It was one of the worst tragedy events that took place in this year.

11. 276 girls missing in Nigeria – May 4/2014 to now


An armed organization Jijadist called Boko Haram has horrified the world by abducting 276 girls from their school in town Chibok, Nigeria. The girls have not yet been sent back to their families.

10. Ferry sank in Korea – May 4/2014


Ferry MV Seoul Korea sank killing 290 people, most of them were high school students. The reason was blamed on the poor management of goods delivered on board of the vessel.

9. Snow avalanche on Mount Everest – May 4/2014


In mid-October 4-2014, a snow avalanche battling atop Everest camping area has resulted in the death of 16 Nepalese guide, also known as Sherpas.

8. Mining disaster in Turkey – May 5/2014


An explosion in Soma, Manisa coal mine has killed 301 miners and injured 80 people. This is considered the worst mining disaster in the history of Turkey.

7. The Islamic State – May 6/2014 to now


Extremist armed group, also known as the Islamic State, began a major offensive to occupy a large part of Iraq and Syria. By taking a lot of terrorist activities, ISIS has brought many tragedy events to people in the middle East.

6. Aircraft Malaysia MH17 shot down in Ukraine – June 2014


Malaysia numbers 17 aircraft was shot down by a surface-to-air missiles when flying through the sky of Ukraine. All 298 passengers were killed in the crash. The missile is believed to have been shot by a group of Russian separatist in the region.

5. Air Algerie plane crashed 2017 in Mali – May 7/2014


All 116 passengers on Air Algérie Flight 5017 plane were killed when the accident happened in Mali.

4. Israel invaded Gaza Strip – July to August/2014


Tension escalated between Israel and Hamas which led to border protection activities in the Gaza Strip. During the seventh week of the operation, 2100 Palestinians and 71 Israelis were killed.

3. Riots broke out in Ferguson, Missouri – May 8/2014 to now


After the death of a unarmed teenager named Michael Brown who was shot by a white police, riots broke out in Ferguson, Missiour against police violence.

2. Report of CIA torture – May 12/2014


A report being published by the Congress listed detailed brutal tortures used by the CIA on terrorism suspects in years after the events of 9/11.

1. AirAsia flight QZ8501  missing – December 28/ 2014


Another aircraft missing happened at the end of this year. The AirAsia aircraft carrying 162 people on board from Indonesia to Singapore went missing early this morning. The plane, an Airbus A320-200, after requesting a “deviation” from its flight path, lost contact with air traffic control over the Java Sea.

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