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CEO of Apple Tim Cook, Co-Founder of Facebook Chris Hughes or  Peter Thiel co-Founder and former CEO of Paypal are the most famous and powerful Gays in the Technology Field. They are day by day changing our life style by their perfect ideas and innovations.

In industries the world over, many employees remain closeted for fear their homosexuality, bisexuality or gender transitions will cause peers and co-workers to think differently of their work. It’s an issue in the tech space, too, where females and minorities are also underrepresented and often stereotyped.

Despite the overarching problem, many work environments have created cultures of acceptance when it comes to sexual orientation. Google covers the health insurance taxes of LGBT employees and their partners — a tax that currently doesn’t factor in heterosexual marriages. Twitter has similar domestic partner benefits, as well as strict anti-discrimination policies.

Aside from major companies going to bat for LGBT equality, individual executives, entrepreneurs and innovators are stepping out and proving they have the ability to reach the top. We’ve gathered nine examples of individuals who are not only accomplishing great things in tech; they’re also active voices in the LGBT movement.

Who would you add to the list? Do you believe the tech industry is improving its culture of acceptance? Tell us where you stand in the comments below.

1. Tim Cook


Tim Cook is the most powerful in the technology world until now. Though only recently officially admitted himself yesterday, he had repeatedly spoke about the rights of homosexuals and discrimination. In 2013, he wrote a letter published in the Wall Street Journal calling for Congress to pass legislation to bring fairness to employees homosexual men and women. After taking over Apple in 2011, Cook led the company through many importantly product launch events, such as iPhone 5s , the iPad Air, iOS 7.

2. Lisa Brummel


Lisa Brummel stick with Microsoft since she graduated from college in 1989. Brummel held many important positions at Microsoft and is currently Vice President Human Resources department. She is notifying employees that Microsoft will eliminate fierce ranking system, turn colleagues into competitors.

3. Nick Denton


Nick Denton is the brain behind the public-network Gawker Media. Which is owner of many famous Website such as Lifehacker, Valleywag, Deadspin, Kinja.

4. Ray Everett


Ray Everett is the Director of Product Management and Senior Consultant at TRUSTe, a provider of managed security services. Previously, he was director of advertising and security at Yahoo.

5. Ina Fried


Ina Fried, a journalist currently working for AllThingsD, has tracked the industry since 2000. She held various roles at technology website Cnet reported on Microsoft and Apple.

6. Jon Hall


Jon Hall, whose nickname “maddog”, is director of Linux International, the organization of nonprofit technology. In 2012, he admitted that he was gay 100th birth anniversary of mathematician Turing Alin, who he considered a hero. Hall is legendary in the Linux community, working in the computer industry since 1969.

7. Chris Hughes


Chris Hughes, Facebook co-founder, left the social network to participate in the Presidential election campaign of Obama in 2007. Later, he acquired The New Republic and became Editor. Hughes was one of the first to use the symbol gay marriage on Facebook after the wedding Elridge Sean May 7/2012.

8. David Lerman


David Lerman is the Chief Technical Officer and co-founder of Say Media, the media company behind the website as ReadWrite, Reodelista, Dogster and several other publications.

9. Chuck Osborn


Chuck Osborn specializes in games for years, editors at IGN, a leading online publications about gamming. Before joining IGN, he wrote for many magazines such as PCXL, PC Gamer, Nvision.

10. Keith Rabois


Keith Rabois, a former executive director at the payment service Square, joining the investment fund Khosla Ventures in 2013. Previously, he was one of the first leaders in PayPal. Initially, he was an angel investor in Silicon Valley.

11. Jeff Ragovin


A few years after the establishment of Buddy Media with Mike and Kass Lazerow, the company was sold to Salesforce. Currently, Ragovin is the Director of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Strategy, in charge of marketing solutions on social networks. He also related StartOut, a non-profit organization supporting LGBT business.

12. Ron Shuman


Ron Shuman joined Tesla, one of the most innovative companies today, on January 11/2013 to head of Human Resources, responsible for the recruitment and retention of talent.

13. Megan Smith


Megan Smith is currently the IT Director of the United States. Previously, she was the Vice President of Google X, one of the intellectual ideas behind products like Google’s bold self-driving car project, using the balloon to bring to the global Internet.

14. Sara Sperling


Sara Sperling was Director of Human Resources at Snapchat, before that, she worked for Facebook. She admitted that homosexuals while studying at the University of California, Irvine.

15. Kara Swisher


Kara Swisher is a technology journalist in the world’s best. Previously, she operated technology site AllThingsD the “old guard” Walt Mossberg and established sites Re/code this year.

16.Peter Thiel


Peter Thiel, the first investor of Facebook, co-founder and former director of PayPal, the man behind the organization Thiel Foundation, granted $ 100,000 to 20 students dropped out of school, established companies. He is also the founder and chairman of Clarium Capital – an investment firm.