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Over 1 year now, I have kept introducing  the best free WordPress theme every month I collected. However, there were some requirements for the introduction of fine WordPress plugins to people know and approach them because of the number of thousands of plugins for WordPress at present so finding to all useful plugin was not a simple problem.

So, I have started to plan to mark some useful WordPress plugins that I know besides the plugins I have mentioned in the list of the most common plugins. There are some premium plugins but nice so I have added them into this post.

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Free Plugins

WP Emoji One


This is a plugin that supports inserting the smiley rich and the newest at present into your website. Now the number of smileys of this plugin support is more than 840 faces. So rich !!! And its style is similar to the smileys of Facebook.

TinyMCE Emoticons


One more plugin inserts smileys into your website, but it supports 3 types of aminated smileys very intersting and humorous.

WordPress Front-end Editor


If you wanna update the content of articles without accessing the edit page, this plugin will help you to edit the article directly on the hone page.

Plugin Organizer


If there are many plugin installed in your website, this plugin will be useful in increasing the speed of the website so you can customize which plugin will be loaded first, then load plugins or plugins are allowed to load on the mobile browser.

Unsplash WP


If you frequently need some beautiful and high revolution photos to insert to the article, the UnSplash WP plugin will be quite useful for you. Its mission is to display photos on UnSplash project page – the project shares free high revolution stock photos and totally full copyright.

WordPress Comment Fields


In default of the comment field of WordPress only supports the customers types essential informations such as Name, Email and Website. By this plugin, you can add other fields to the customers type, you can also customize it as an mandatory field and then it will display on the comment automatically. There  is almost no errors at all if your theme has the comment part coded follow WordPress standard.

IP2Location Country Blocker


If you wanna block certain countries from accessing to your website, use this plugin to make it simplest. You have the option of blocking access to the home page or Admin page of your website.

Easy Opt-ins For Mailchimp


If you are using Mailchump to make Email Marketing for your website but unknowing how to insert email registration form into the website beautifully, this plugin will help you make opt-in form simple but eye-catching to insert into your website.

Shortcode Star Rating


This plugin helps you to insert rate stars into the post by shortcode.

SEO Auto Linker


One more free plugin is fine and advises to use it to insert link into a specific keyword. Its function supports inserting a part of content in title tab of the link

SEO Redirection Plugin


You should use this plugin if there are many things to redirect on your website. If you are aware of Regular Expression, it will be stronger because you can establish automatical redirection on many links. In addition to, it also support a lot of types of redirection and automatically redirect 404 error pages. Be compatible with both Apache and MGINX.



A plugin is good for you if you want to increase visits and if there are many images indexed on Google Image because just accessing to your website to view the original photos. Of course, all the other websites posting images are on your website will take this error. This is the good way to prevent from stealing bandwitch since no one wants to copy an article which has images like this.

OnePress Image Elevator


If you regularly print the screen or post image from your computer in the article, this plugin is a new heavy weapon for you. Its feature is to automatically uploading  image that you have copyed to clipboard to the article. For instance, try pressing Print Screen button on the keyboard and then paste it into the edit field you will see wonders.


If you use other tools to edit / photograph such as Snagit, Photoshop, Skitch,…just create an area for images and copy. This means you just copy image from the other website, then paste it into the edit field, it will automatically insert the image.

This plugin has another Premium version with certain features are better such as renaming image, compressing image that you can purchase here

Speed Booster Pack


You can use this plugin if you wanna improve the speed of your website by adding LazyLoad effects more for images, use JS libraby of Google, put JavaScript file down Footer,… and many other functions. Just install plugin, no need to customize any more although there are many options.

Mashable Sharer


It is simple to insert share article button like Mashable into the site.

Master Slider – Responsive Touch Slider


This plugin will help you create 8 different types of slide to perform image on your site by a professional style. The thing I like best in this plugin is beside it supports Responsive and multitouch, it also supports you to create a complete silde by some click with automatically building sample slide function. The rest is just to change image and use shortcode/PHP function of each slide inserted in your post or theme.

Premium Plugins

Monarch Social Sharing


This is a new plugin of ElegantTheme manufacturer has launched just a few days ago. The function of this plugin is to insert share post button very nice to social network , support Responsive and count subscriptions on social networks.

File List Pro


If you plan to create a page to share files library you allow members to download, use this plugin to mange those files. They can download directly. It supports separate page and search files.

Smart Content Protector


This plugin forbid to copy the article by forbiding to drap, right click and view sourse of your website by JavaScript, can block browser shortcuts of some popular OS such as Windows, Linux and Mac.

If customers turn off Javascript on purpose, they can right click but drapping. The good point of this plugin is able to select member groups for a function. For example with Administrator, this plugin will be neutralized.

Essential Grid WordPress Plugin


If you want to change default layout of your website from regular format to grid format but you are not good at coding, this plugin can do more tasks than you need. It supports you to create individual layout to display list of articles with over 30 diffirent interface which is easy to use and compatible with Woocommerce to display products.

What is your best favorite plugin?

Among of free plugin in this month I have introduced, Image Elevator may be my best favorite. I can’t imagine how much time it has helped me to save time since I naturally print screen so frequently. Maybe I will buy Pro version within tomorrow. :D

And you, which one is your favorite ?