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Smartphone and tablet fit design or responsive design is now the trend of website designers in the world. If your website is not responsive, your website will lose visitors on internet, it means you lose customers to buy your products. But build a responsive website is not hard as you think, you can choose a free responsive in 40 FREE Responsive WordPress Themes bellow and starting help your visitors easy to browse your website

43. Serene

Serene is a stunning wordpress theme with many post formatted. You can show the post contents with video, sound, quote, gallery and link with beautiful design.

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42. Magnifique

Magnifiqueis a wordpress theme provides minimum feature to build a blog.

Demo | Download


41. GavernWP

Demo | Download


40. Radcliffe

A simple theme use beautiful background to introduce the post. It also have onepage style is very suitable for travel blog or magazine to help visitor track their journey.

Demo | Download


39. HarmonUX Core

A theme for blog or magazine with two columns design. This theme have a beautiful and easy to read typo. Suitable for contents focus website.

Demo | Download


38. Moesia Theme

Theme have onepage style with many features which can customize in the admin dashboard easily.

Demo | Download


37. Accelerate WordPress Theme

This theme suitable for company showcase website. For people who want to introduce projects. It’s also used for blog or magazine.

Demo | Download


36. Verbo – Blog WordPress Theme

A free theme suitable for both companies and bloggers. There are many page template pre-design for companies show case purpose.

Demo | Download


35. Elegant WordPress Theme

A Free premium wordpress theme that contains many features to build a professional website. It have a page builder for you to easy-add contents to page without any knowledge of heavy CMS

Demo | Download


34. Corporate WordPress Theme

A simple theme for companies or group worker that have many features to show your portfolio.

Demo | Download


33. Accesspress Lite

This theme have pre-installed template which could choose from admin dashboard. This powerful feature help many newbies build a stunning website easily.

Demo | Download


32. Dreamhome WordPress Theme

Demo | Download


31. Retina Ready WordPress Theme

This is the best Free Retina wordpress theme. You can zoom to any  resolution without any broken-pixel.

Demo | Download


30. Dazzling WordPress Business Theme

Demo | Download


29. Radiate WordPress Theme

Radiate WordPress theme is a theme for blog that is very clean and creative design. You can customize colors, background, css and many features in the WordPress Customizer.

Demo | Download


28. Minimal Magazine

Minimal is the simplest wordpress theme but have a modern design with many features help builder show their information in the best way.

Demo | Download


27. Flat Personal WordPress Theme

This is a metro style desgin for blogger.

Demo | Download


26. CleanPress Magazine Theme

Cleanpress is a free wordpress theme suitable for magazines with two columns design and a floating bar to show your custom

Demo | Download


25. StanleyWP

StanleyWP is a free elegant wordpress theme with the simple design.

Demo | Download


24. HUEman – Inspire Theme

An Free WordPress theme for news website.

Demo | Download



23. Hexa WordPress

Demo | Download


22. Bearded eCommerce WordPress Theme

A free wordpress theme that compatible with Woo-eCommerce plugin will healp you easy to build a online shop and start selling your products without any code required.

Demo | Download


21. DW Timeline

A free clean wordpress theme. Inspired by Facebook timeline.

Demo | Download


20. DW 

DW Minion design for small blog with very simple desgin help you show all your contents out.

Demo | Download



19. Hemingway WordPress Theme

Hemingway is a simple and clean wordpress theme for blogger who want to focus on contents.

Demo | Download


18. Arcade Basic

Arcade Basic is a unique design wordpress theme. Basing on HTML5 and CSS3 fully light weight and fast load. You also can use Customizer to add image, title, rearrange page, wcustom width and much more.

Demo | Download


17. Sorbet

Sorbet is a colorful wordpress theme for personal blog or website. The responsive design in this theme is very smooth, fit perfectly on your mobile devices. The post format highlight the contents of your post.

Demo | Download


16. ComboMag

ComboMag is a Free Responsive WordPress Theme for Magazines..

Demo | Download


15. WallPress

WallPress is a Free Responsive WordPress Theme that help stunning your contents.

Demo | Download


14. Revera

Revera is a free responsive wordpress theme bases on Bootstrap 3 framework.

Demo | Download


13. Vasiliki

Vasiliki is a wordpress theme with widget style design. This theme is simple and beautiful jQuery effect.

Demo | Download


12. Tint Portfolio

Tint is a colorful wordpress theme, its design is clean, simple and professional. You can customize it into any color you want.

Demo | Download


11. Danko Nonprofit

Danko is a perfect theme for Charity. It focus on raising fund for the Charity. This is of course a Free theme so according to the author of this theme: “if you use it, please use for Charity purpose and help other peoples”.

Demo | Download


10. Ward

Ward is a one of the first free responsive wordpress theme base on Twitter Bootstrap 3 framework.

Demo  Download


9. Clean Response WordPress Theme

Clean Response as its name is a clean and responsive wordpress theme. It has two homepage templates for blogger or for company. At all, it costs zero!!

Demo | Download


8. Photopia

Photopia is a dreaming wordpress theme for photographers. A elegant and clean theme for you to experience the photos in a perfect dimension.

Demo | Download


7. Sunrise – One Page WordPress Theme

A free responsive wordpress theme that has cold style, suitable for restaurant or inn.

Demo | Download


6. JournalCrunch

A theme for travel blog or magazine.

Demo | Download


5. RoadFighter

RoadFighter was designed for fitting perfectly companies introduce purpose. It have many useful features that can customize in the admin dashboard.

Demo | Download



4. HomeBuilder WordPress Real Estate Theme

A theme for house building service or estate purpose. It has a clean and simple design.

Demo | Download


3. Realty

Realty is a powerful free wordpress theme for Real Estate listing and showing website.

Demo | Download


2. DualShock

SualShock is a 100% free responsive wordpress theme with two columns. It suitable for magazine or blog.

Demo | Download


1. PlayBook

Playbook is a traditional style wordpress theme. Base on HTML5 and Css3 is a strong factor of this theme.

Demo | Download


With 40+ free responsive wordpress theme, I believe that you have more than a choise for your website. If you know any other free beautiful responsive wordpress theme, please mention it in the comment bellow to help other peoples. Thank you!

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