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If you would like to enjoy your holiday with nature, Mui Ne, Vietnam is a idea place. Mui Ne is known as one of the leading locations for those who love the sea tourism in Vietnam – a perfect place to rest and relax.

Recently, has published a list of Top 10 beach destinations for year-end holiday, in which Mui Ne of Phan Thiet city (Binh Thuan province) is ranked number 4. And according to Canadian Travellers, a Canadian travel guides magazine, has also chosen Mui Ne, Vietnam as one of the top 11 most beautiful beaches in Asia.

With many awesome beaches and ethereal sand dunes, it’s time to add Mui Ne to your list of favourite sun and sand destinations. Coming to Mui Ne, we think you can not ignore 5 attractive destinations below:

5. The White Sand Dunes

Mui ne

This place is beautiful and worth a visit, it’s so peaceful and like an oasis with the sand dunes contrasting with the lake and the greenery around it.

There are two main sites for sand dunes around Mui Ne, the White Sand Dunes, and the Yellow/Red Sand Dunes. The White Dunes are by far the larger dunes and are known by locals as Bau Trang or White Lake. With iridescent colors like covering carpet, the sand slope is changed by wind. Intrusion of sand is created amazing shapes, imaging nearly but farther, thinking that walking only minutes to destination, in fact, it is endless. especially, in the middle of the white sand dunes there is Lotus Lake – lotus is one of the famous flowers in Viet Nam. There are quite a few small stands selling food and drinks to visitors within the area along with pine trees offering much-needed shade.

4. Red Sand Dunes

mui ne vietnam

As above destinations, sliding sand here is a popular game. With the price vnd 20.000 to rent one plastic sheet for half day, you are guided, served carefully to play until exhausted. The sand dune is also an ideal destination to take unique photos.

The Red Dunes, as the name suggests, features reddish-brown sand that makes them a more popular place for photography. Smaller than White Dunes, they are easier to reach. Sand-sledding is a common (and fun) activity here, but it is hard to nail down where the best location to do so is as the sands shift from season to season so it’s best to look around. Dry sand is much more enjoyable to sled on. Have fun sand-sledding in the Red and White Dunes, which also make the perfect backdrop for ethereal shots that will have your friends thinking you paid a visit to the Sahara Desert.

You can visit the sand dune at any time of the day but the best times to visit are at sunrise and sunset when you can fully appreciate the colors of the dunes in their full pink/red splendor. Hot meals, snacks, refreshments and souvenirs are all on offer in the many shops, cafes and restaurants that line the road.

3. Fairy Stream

mui ne vietnam

It really is magical, special, totally different and unusual. The limestone walls are amazing, the rocks seem to have a mind of their own.

The intermixing white and red sand hills come from nature evolving the treasure that no other place has. The water stream of Suoi Tien has the red color from the sunlight and from the red sand in the bottom of the stream. The stream has the source from the mountain side around Ham Tien about 6m high and the destination to the sea. This has made Suoi Tien become a dreamlike area. Come to Suoi Tien, you also have the chance to rejoice in breathing the sweet scented field of pomelo flower and lemon flower.

2. Hon Rom

mui ne vietnam

A picturesque beach with overflowing waves, pure, unpolluted, breezy and cool water will make excursionist leave the feeling about a hot and dry season at home.

Hon Rom has long become a tourist attraction everyone cannot miss when enjoying a trip in Mui Ne. Hon Rom has warm weather year to year. Its pure weather, friendly people, pretty beach, cool water will be the most suitable and attracting place for everyone from every class in the society. Once visiting Hon Rom, you will have unforgettable memories.

1. Ke Ga

mui ne vietnam

Built in 1897 by a French architect named Chnavat, the lighthouse is 64 m high and assessed as one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Southeast Asia.

Ke Ga lighthouse looks beautiful and like a precious artwork thanks to its primary construction material granite. Currently, Ke Ga Island and the lighthouse are on their ways to become an attraction to tourists coming to Phan Thiet because they are both picturesque scenery and distinctive architectural vestige.

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