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Christmas is coming in 2 more weeks. Decoration for this special event is everywhere. Actually, this holiday originates from Western but let’s see how it runs in Japan- an Asian country.

In Japan, especially this time of the year, that scene is twinkling and so romantic. Lights are sparkling in the holiday and illuminate city, park, garden or another public spaces, which motivates many travelers to join. If you don’t know where to go in this Christmas holiday, Japan should be considered an ideal choice. Now, let’s have a look at the most beautiful decorated places at Japan night.

 1. Sapporo Town




Illuminating Christmas season took place first in Sapporo in 1981. There were 1048 lights illuminated at Oodori Park in 1981. The north city of Japan has come a long way forward since then. The “White Light” Festival this year will be at the place where it was held 32 year ago. There are 420.000 lights joining together to create a “crystal river” pinnacle. More special, the entire program uses homemade biodiesel energy.

2.Toichigi Town




Do you think the flowers are just decorated for spring and summer ? Think out of the box. In the winter, Ashikaga Flower Park in Tochigi Town has regenerated many famous destination by using LED – There are up to 2.1 million LED lights are used to create “snowflake” in Christmas season.

 3.Tokyo Town




If you visit Tokyo, come to the town center. Every year, the shopping complex has an impressive program and this year continues to hold another monumental program. The public yard which is 2.000 square meter large is transformed into “star garden” with 280.000 LED lights.


And don’t miss KITTE, the newest shopping mall of the city, is right out of the Tokyo station. You will find a special Christmas tree there. It is designed by Makoto Tanijiri and put inside the mall. With light system and special 3D technology, you will see “imaginary snow” falling from the ceiling surround this striking pine.

4. Kanagawa Town




If you are interested in the sparkling lights, come to Kanagawa and enjoy your time at Sagamiko Illumillio. There are about 4 million lights used in this park. Is is also the biggest project in Kanto area. The park opens 24/7 including holidays so that people could enjoy anytime.

5.Mie Province






Welcome to the largest light performance in Japanese. You should come to the south to visit Mie Province where performs the winter light, Nabana no Sato which uses 7 million LED lights. The most interesting here is a light basement with a very long entrance made by yellow light.  You will definitely feel you are walking in the galaxy. Furthermore, there are other places to enjoy such as “twin tree” and a copy of Phu Si Mountain.