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Instead of purchasing an expensive Halloween costume this year, we suggest you to use fingers and make your own. Not only was it super easy by using items lying around your house, or purchased cheaply from a thrift store, the results, as you can see, were amazing. And right now we’re going to set out to find top 5 costume idea for you. Just clear your mind and let your fingers lead the way. In no time you’ll be skipping from one homemade costume idea to the next.

5. Mummy

This is one of the most popular Halloween costumes you can try this year. The mummy costume is considered as the best that hardly can people tell who is after the wrap. Want to scare everyone as a Mummy this Halloween? Follow this easy how-to to find out how you can have a great mummy costume this Halloween:

  • Step 1: Tie strips together.The knots in the end will actually add texture to your mummy and look purposeful.
  • Step 2: Put on your long underwear or white base outfit. Don’t forget thick wool socks!
  • Step 3: Start wrapping up from your leg. With material from one leg, wrap around the pelvis but don’t wrap above the waistline of the pants
  • Step 5: Wrap up from the waist and over the shoulders.
  • Step 6: Wrap up the arms.Weave the material between the fingers, around the base of the thumb, and onto the wrist, over and over.
  • Step 7: Cover your face with excess bandage material.

(Note: when wrapping, go in straight lines, criss-cross or any shapes that you think to cover every inch)

Mummy- Halloween costume

4. Dark Angel

Mysterious and sexy, dark angle is a favorite character to costume as in Halloween. Don’t need to spend much money on buying a costume, with simple elements, you can easily create a dark angel that surprise Halloween party.

  • Preparing: Make a dark swings:  Draw the outline of one angel wing onto a large piece of cardboard then cut out the wing. Lay the first wing over another piece of cardboard and cut out a second one. Overlap the tab extensions of the wings and glue them together. Place a piece of wire between the two inside edges of the wings for added stability. Hold the wire in place with duct tape. Add a second wire near the bottom of the wings. Glue feathers onto both sides of the wings. Start from the bottom of the wing and glue a line of feathers across the frame. Continue to add layers from the bottom up overlapping each layer . Allow the glue to dry completely. Punch four holes into the corners of the wing extension tabs. Thread four pieces of ribbon through the holes and secure with knots.
  •  Step 1: Make up: heavy gothic eye makeup and black lipstick. See tutorial clip 
  • Step 2: Dressing: Put on a dark color dress, or shirt and skirt. You may cut it up to make it look like it’s a dead person costume and sow in some dark patches. Put on dark long socks/boots and gloves
  • Step 3: Use the ribbons to tie the wings to your back.

Dark Angel- Halloween costume

Now, take up a black stick, you are completely a perfect Dark angel on Halloween night.

3. Vampire

Vampire costumes have long been a favorite for Halloween. Instead of buying a vampire dress, you can definitely make one with simple steps. We introduce you the simplest way to create a Vampire costume but so impressed at Halloween party.

  • Step 1: Put on suitable dark base outfit (or any dress you like)
  • Step 2: Make a cape: Choose a dark fabric with the length you want the cape is and cut 30” X 15″ rectangle to make a hoot. Then, baste on the edge of the cape and gather it with the thread until the edge of the cape is the same length as the hood. Sew hood to cape. Put on the cape
  • Step 3: Make up: See tutorial clip

Now, do you believe the vampire in the mirror is you? Let’s party.

Vampire-Halloween costume


2. Wizard

Wizard can never be a character out of fashion. You may become Happy Potter or Sabrina by very simple steps.

  • Step 1: Make a hat: Cut out a large circle of poster board . Use scissors to cut to the middle of the circle, and then fold one edge over the other and pull it into the shape of a tall, pointy hat. Try it on and adjust it until you get a good fit. Then staple the two sides together.
  • Step 2: Make a coat: you can either use your dark big coat or make a coat by using a big rectangular  fabric then cut a circle in the middle to pull over your head

(You can freely decorate your hat and coat with star or moon shapes)

Take up “a magic wand and broom” then fly to Halloween night.

Wizard- Halloween costume

Harry Potter

1. Zombie

Zombies! Even though they are stone cold, slow-paced horrors from the grave, they are a hot trend right now and a popular choice for Halloween costumes. Fortunately, the zombie costume is also reasonably simple to put together. We will help you to have Zombie appearance in the easiest way.

  • Step 1: choose any of your old clothes. Use the scissors to make a few cuts.  Either pull the cuts a bit more or just leave jagged
  • Step 2: Use a lighter to add a few burn or singe marks
  • Step 3: Add “fake” blood and dirt on your custome and some part of your body
  • Step 4: Make up: see tutorial clip

Zombie- Halloween costume

Now, have you chosen a custume to dress up at Halloween. tell and share with us your choice.

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