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Every couple’s favorite Hallmark holiday is right around the corner.

How do you make it extra special?

Go on a romantic cruise ship date!

Celebrate love adrift in seclusion, away from the maddening crowd with the following stimulating activities.

5. Have a whimsical dinner

For many lovers, Valentine’s day is the perfect excuse to titillate both the mind and the senses.

How do you effectively go about the challenging task, you ask?

A lavish meal and a good wine would be a fitting start.

Add the romantic ambiance only a cruise can provide and you are sure to give your significant other a day they will always remember.

If you are feeling extra romantic, you can even arrange for breakfast to be served in bed, complete with buttery croissants and steaming coffee.

You can even include a box (or two!) of the finest gourmet chocolates to seal the deal.

4. Get a soothing massage

Picture this very vividly: Relaxing music, firm strokes and the smell of essential oils.

Add a romantic twist to the experience by getting a ‘couple’s massage’.

At the expense of sounding cliché, a calming rub down with your lover by your side will give the word togetherness a whole new meaning.

3. Catch a dreamy movie

Want to add an idyllic element to an otherwise conventional activity?

If so, grab a blanket, cozy up and catch a romantic movie onboard a cruise ship.

You have to admit; watching a romantic flick under the light of a thousand stars makes the experience all the more magical.

2. Enjoy a sunrise together

If you want to spend quality time with your beloved, watching the sunrise would be undeniably perfect.

Whether watching it hand-in-hand or over breakfast, it will undoubtedly make you appreciate each other’s company all the more.

However, if you find waking up early to be a little too much, you can opt to cuddle outdoors and enjoy the sun later during the day.

It’s always easy to find a two-person lounge you can snuggle in.

It’s like escaping the crowds and spending quality time all rolled into one.

1. Explore together

Whether it’s the small isles on every stop or the lost corners of the ship, discovering a new thing together can definitely strengthen the bond you share.

Build new memories together by exploring secret hideaways.

Whether onboard the ship or at the ports, discovering something together as a couple makes everything all the more exciting.

Regardless if it’s a party cruise or a celebration of love that you want to commemorate, observing it aboard a cruise ship is the best way to go. After all, celebrating away from the busy world is undeniably relaxing, liberating and for others, totally intoxicating.