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There is a trend of smartphones in 2014 to have its screen enlarged, with higher definition and better display quality. It also marks the emergence of more and more smartphone models with big screen (phablet). Some products even have the screen with ultra-definition resolution QuadHD 2K with super high pixel density such as LG G3, Oppo Find 7 …

So here comes the 5 smartphones being evaluated as having the best display screens this year:

 5. Apple iPhone 6 Plus – the standard one


iPhone 6 Plus is the first phablet of Apple. Enormous and somewhat looked coarser than iPhone 6, yet the screen is the main feature that makes consumers be fond of 6 Plus. iPhone 6 Plus has 5.5 inch screen with full HD resolution, having higher definition than the iPhone 6.

When placed side by side 2 models, iPhone 6 Plus gives better display quality than iPhone 6 from aspects of color, contrast to detail. In terms of overall general, the Apple phabet has inherited the iPhone’s tradition of pretty screen display, good viewing angle, high-resolution detail and true color.

 4. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – screen of the leading brand


Note 4 is the smartphone with 2k screen having the best display quality at the moment. With the Super AMOLED technology, the Samsung phablet has a remarkable image technical specifications, being the best smartphone in term of display quality through many professional tests.

Super AMOLED technology along with 2K resolution, Galaxy Note 4 is ideal for enjoying movies on smartphone. In normal mode, Samsung screen display is a little bit dazzling. However, Note 4 is added the feature of reseting color mode, allowing users to intervene and choose more standard color display, satisfying every demands.

 3. Sony Xperia Z3 – the screen full of technologies


Compared to the previous generations, Xperia Z, Z1 and Z2,  the Z3 gives superior display quality with extra-transparent display screen, wide viewing angle and no experience of light  fog. The screen size is 5.2 inches of full HD resolution. The most advanced smartphone Xperia in 2014 continuously receives more favors from manufacturer Sony in term of  display technologies, which are inherited from the line of high-end Bravia TV. Besides IPS panels, Xperia is equipped with Triluminos Display technology, Live Color LED and X-Reality image processing technology. These technologies all brings images with vivid color, enhanced details and contrast.

 2. Nokia Lumia 930 – best screen for outdoor context


The 5 inch size screen with full HD resolution helps push the pixel density specification of Lumia 930 up to more than 400 ppi, which is well beyond the Retina standard of iPhone. It makes the display very smooth and crisp.

Unlike Samsung Galaxy, AMOLED screen on Windows Phone Lumia gives better colors and visibility, particularly the depth of black color, the accuracy of color as being exposed to the sun light. It is the efficiency of the proprietary display technology of Nokia ClearBlack that helps improve the outdoor displays.

A worthy addition to the display quality is the color adjustment mode at will called “Color Profile”. In addition to 3 default modes, users can adjust the screen color as they wish by changing the color saturation, white balance and color tone (warm or cold).

 1. HTC One M8 – simple yet effective


Last year, the One M7 was the Android smartphone with the screen being one in the best collectio. This year One M8 continuosly inherits this advantage from the previous generation. Just like the case of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, when place M8 and M7 side by side, we can see a clear different in term of display quality between 2 models.

With full HD resolutio and also a 5-inch screen, One M8 has the pixel density of 441ppi, again being far better than the Retina standard of Apple. By taking the display panel closer to the front glass, the HTC One M8 screen gives the effect of 3D display, which is so cool with wide view angle. True color display is another a strong point on the high-end smartphone from HTC.

HTC One M8 smartphone is an evidence for the fact that smartphones of 2014 is not required to have 2K resolution, but to have full HD standard is still very nice and sufficient to meet the current demand on mobile phones.

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