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Whenever people hear about unconventional jobs they think about that “someone” who aspires for such a position. The problem is no one thinks that this ‘someone’ can be they themselves. These jobs are equally lucrative like any other traditional job. So, you must stop passing the responsibility to someone else and start your career with an unconventional job. Numerous out of the box jobs exist that can be a new experience for the young job seekers.


Unconventional jobs mean new experiences. Many people exist who think of making an “out of the box” career, but are unable to find the right opportunity. This article will bring to light a few unconventional careers for entry level professionals. If you are adventurous enough, then one of the below mentioned job profiles is surely meant for you.

6. Crab fisherman

This is the most dangerous and adventurous job. The notion became popular after the hit TV series ‘Deadliest Catch.’ A crab fisherman may need to spend time in the frozen Alaskan water or amidst rough weather conditions. One may also need to stay away from home for months or years on end. The most lucrative time for crab fisherman is the short crab season when they can catch as many crabs as they want. Once a person understands his job profile it can result in something extremely profitable. Reports show that an experienced crab fisherman can earn up to $50,000 in 2 months.

5. Gastroenterologist

A gastroenterologist is consulted by everyone at some point of time in their lives to get treatment against necessary evils. This situation is going to stay intact as no one wishes to go to an inexperienced person. Treatments like invasive prostrate exam or colonoscopy are very serious issues to deal with and consulting an expert gastroenterologist is a must in such cases. Though the job may seem a bit monotonous but the best thing about it is the eye-popping salary. Reports say that an expert gastroenterologist can earn up to $269,500 annually.

4. Podiatrist

This is the best career option for new and open minded job seekers. This is another branch of medical science which is extremely lucrative as a career. Recent studies show that the possible annual earning of a potential podiatrist can be as much as $149,527 with a potential to increase further. The daily task of a podiatrist includes jobs like dealing with ulcers, bunions, and ingrown toenails. A low degree holder DPM can also work as an assistant to professional doctors i.e., people with professional MD degrees.

3. Accountant

The very name brings to light a boring picture of a man sitting on a desk and toiling with numbers. However, this is also an extremely lucrative career option. The career of an accountant in fact brings in numerous opportunities. If you are one of those people who love to deal with numbers and prefer to be left alone in a shady place, then the job of an accountant is possibly the best job for you. The average salary of an accountant is something around $41,000 while an experienced one can even earn $200,000 and above.

2. Commissioned salesperson

It is seen that more than 90% of job seekers are least interested in a job that is without any base salary. Getting a paycheck at the end of the day is something people wish to see. However, there are still some confident and bold people who are eager enough to take up a career of commissioned salesperson. Such a career can actually give you a comfortable lifestyle with high salary or commission. Most such commissioned salespeople work with car dealerships, investment banks, and electronic stores. They are capable of earning $100,000 or above along with a fixed commission.

1. Roughneck

There is no doubt that this is a strenuous job as the concerned person needs to spend a whole day under a giant oil drilling rig. The average annual salary of a roughneck is $46,867 and they need to work in an environment that is extremely noisy. They can communicate only through sign language, by giving various signals. The air surrounding them is filled with harmful chemicals and toxins and they have to go through backbreaking labor throughout the day. A roughneck finds himself working in different situations anytime during the day. This makes his career an extremely challenging one. Those who are capable of hard work can try this lucrative and unconventional career for entry level professionals. People in the position of supervisors can make up to $100,000. You may also look for higher education portals for engineers and they will guide you about the emerging jobs you should opt for.


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